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Police blotter for Feb. 20 Islander

polie_blotter_logoFireworks used to blow up mailboxes
Mailboxes on Bainbridge Island were recent targets of firework vandalism.
Bainbridge Island Police responded to three separate calls of exploding mailboxes on Feb. 10 — one on the 15700 block of Euclid Avenue, one on the 12200 block of North Madison Avenue and another on the 7100 block of Eagle Harbor Drive.
Reserve officer Mike Chamness heard a large explosion near Captain Johnston Blakely Elementary School that sounded like a firework or M-80 about 12:30 a.m. that day.
As another officer checked the neighborhood around the school there were multiple 911 calls about other firework explosions on the island.
A damaged mailbox was found shortly after on Euclid Avenue along with “remnants of an explosive device” that could have been a sparkler bomb, according to the report.
While a neighbor told police the mailbox owner had a dog that was not well liked in the community, other mailboxes on the island were blown up with similar fireworks later in the day.