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Police blotter is back

polie_blotter_logoWe are bringing back the police blotter.

I’ll be posting weekly entries on Mondays. If there is a Monday holiday it will moved to Tuesday.

I won’t be typing up every reported crime. The Islander blotter will be similar to the Kitsap Sun’s Code 911 reports.

If you have questions about why an incident was or wasn’t in the blotter email me at rachel.seymour@kitsapsun.com.

Mail prowler on Bucklin Hill Road
A woman saw a man going through her and her neighbor’s mailbox around 5 p.m. while walking her dog home Jan. 22 on the 7800 NE Bucklin Hill Road.
The man had been cleaning the neighbor’s driveway when she walked by earlier, and he appeared to be with a window cleaning company, she told police.
The woman said she watched the man open the box, take out the contents and throw the box on the ground, before running after him and confronting him.
After he handed her the contents and told her he was just putting it back, she called 911.
The man was gone by the time police arrived, the report said.

Lockbox cut at waste facility
An employee of Bainbridge Disposal got to work Monday, Jan. 26 around 8:30 a.m. and discovered the gate unlatched and the lockbox cut open.
The lockbox had been intact the Friday before.
The employee was not sure if anything was missing from the lockbox, and the company is reviewing its surveillance video, the police report said.

Driver sends pedestrian spinning
A man walking across Hildebrand Lane in the crosswalk by Highschool Road Jan. 26 about 1:30 p.m. when he was hit by a vehicle, spinning him around and injuring his left arm. The man told police the driver stopped to shake his fist at him before diving south on Hildebrand Lane.
The man described the driver as an asian man in his 40s.
There was no description of the vehicle in the police report.