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Bainbridge Island police blotter, Nov. 19


The following items were taken from Bainbridge Island Police Department incident reports by reporter Ethan Fowler. For more blotter, visit bainbridgeislander.com and click on Bainbridge blog link on the right side of the screen.

Crime log from Nov. 9 to Nov. 15: 6 traffic accidents, 4 thefts in the third degree, 2 motor vehicle thefts, 2 suspicious incident/investigation, 2 found property, 2 outside agency referrals-Child Protective Services, 2 motor vehicle thefts, 2 miscellaneous, 1 identity theft, 1 malicious mischief in the third degree, 1 domestic verbal, 1 vehicle prowling in the second degree, 1 reckless driving including racing, 1 burglary in the second degree, 1 warrant misdemeanor, 1 false alarm, 1 warrant arrest by outside agency, 1 runaway, 1 theft in the third degree-shoplifting, 1 Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act-marijuana 40 grams or less, 1 criminal trespass in the second degree, 1 open door, 1 driving under the influence-liquor, theft in the second degree and 1 lost property.

Nov. 16
Driving while intoxicated/alcohol: A 29-year-old Port Townsend man was stopped for speeding on State Route 305 at 1:42 a.m. The man was clocked by radar driving 68 mph in a 50 mph zone. The officer smelled alcohol on the man’s breath. The physically upset man later admitted through slurred speech that he stopped drinking only 30 minutes before attempting to drive home and that he had drank “a lot” of alcohol. The man recorded a .178 percent and .188 percent on a Breathalyzer test. He was transported to Kitsap County Jail for DUI with a $5,000 bond. The legal limit for alcohol in Washington state is .08 percent.

Nov. 15
Theft in the third degree/shoplifting: A 45-year-old man who lives on the 10000 block of Sunrise Drive was stopped for shoplifting at 1:06 p.m. at a Winslow Way grocery store. The man had been asked to return to the store after taking two cups of coffee from the café area without paying for them. The suspect, who was highly agitated and has mental issues and drug addiction, was familiar to the responding officer due to the numerous contacts he’s had with police. A store security officer told the man that he was not allowed into the business again or he would risk arrest for criminal trespass.

Found property: A 62-year-old woman found a Wave2Go ferry pass belonging to a 23-year-old woman at a Winslow museum. An officer tried three times to return the card to the woman at her last known address, but she no longer lived there. A call was also made, but her phone number was disconnected. The card was placed into police evidence.

Driving while intoxicated/alcohol: A 48-year-old Bellevue woman was stopped at 10:27 p.m. on State Route 305 off Winslow Way for speeding. Radar recorded her driving 75 mph in a 50 mph zone. She also failed to maintain her lane, crossing the double yellow line. An officer smelled a faint odor of alcohol on her breath and later the woman blew breath samples of .085 percent and .089 percent. The woman later admitted that she had five drinks of rum starting at approximately 5 p.m. She was transported and booked into Kitsap County Jail and her vehicle was impounded.

Nov. 14
Miscellaneous: neighbor dispute: A 70-year-old man living on the 10000 block of Manzanita Road was having a dispute with a woman neighbor and her son regarding several large evergreen trees that are on his property. The man hired an arborist to assess the risk and the arborist determined removing some of the trees’ branches was the proper course of action in lieu of cutting down the trees. The man said the trimming would keep the trees’ branches from falling on his neighbor’s home. However, the neighbor wanted the trees cut down. The officer told the neighbor her dispute was a civil matter and would have to be dealt with by her attorney.

Nov. 12
Burglary in the second degree: Unknown suspects damaged the exterior door in the orthopedic area of a doctor’s clinic on the 300 block of Winslow Way in an attempt to gain entry. The incident occurred overnight. It appeared the suspects tried to pry the door open.

Vehicle prowling in the third degree: Sometime overnight, two unlocked vehicles were entered and items were taken on the 1000 block of Nakata Place. Items included a $25 black ski jacket and several house keys from various residences on the island. Due to all the keys involved and the locks needing to be changed, the man who lost the keys estimated the theft would cost $1,200.