Bainbridge Island police blotter, Sept. 24


The following items were taken from Bainbridge Island Police Department reports by reporter Ethan Fowler. For more blotter, visit and click on Bainbridge blog link on the right side of the screen.

Crime log from Sept. 14 to Sept. 20: 3 identity thefts, 2 theft from motor vehicles, 2 assaults in the fourth degree, 2 agency assists, 2 traffic accidents, 2 thefts in the second degree, 2 thefts in the third degree, 1 suspicious incident/investigation, 1 vehicle prowling in the second degree, 1 residential burglary, 1 fraud, 1 criminal trespass in the second degree, 1 indecent exposure, 1 negligent driving in the second degree, 1 driving while license suspended/revoked in the third degree, 1 open door, 1 mental investigation, 1 theft in the first degree, 1 false alarm, 1 boating-marine accident, 1 miscellaneous, 1 violation of the controlled substance act-marijuana 40 grams or less.

Sept. 21

Driving while license suspended/revoked in the third degree: A 24-year-old woman who lives on the 10000 block of Olympic Terrace Road was stopped as she drove state Route 305, just south of Hidden Cove Road. The woman was stopped at 5:24 p.m. because the car she was driving wasn’t registered after being sold April 6. The woman also didn’t have a driver’s license or proof of insurance. The officer was informed by Kitsap Central Communications that the woman had a suspended license in the third degree for unpaid tickets and had an extraditable warrant out of Seattle Municipal Court for destruction of property. When the officer contacted the jail, the officer was told that the jail wouldn’t hold the warrant. The woman was given a criminal citation for driving with license suspended in the third degree, warned about not having liability insurance, the warrant and for failing to register her vehicle. The woman’s mother was called to the scene to drive the vehicle away.

Theft in the third degree: A 27-year-old man who lives in the 10000 block of Arrow Point Drive had his iPod Touch stolen while he lived in Las Vegas more than a month ago. Las Vegas Police advised the man to file an incident report with the local police department for them to begin their investigation. The man didn’t report the theft at the time it occurred because he was about to move from Las Vegas.

Sept. 20

Boating-marine incident: A Bothell man needed help with his Bayliner at 5 p.m. The boat had ran out of fuel and he requested help from the Bainbridge police boat, which was on patrol nearby, to pull his boat away from the Port Madison harbor rocks to keep it from running aground. The boat had its anchor out and was being blown onto the beach by a 15-knot north wind. The police boat operator took the Bayliner in a side tow, backed it away from the rocks and secured it out of harm’s way on a private mooring buoy.

Sept. 19

Theft in the third degree: A 35-year-old woman locked her bike overnight on the north side rack of the ferry terminal’s bike barn. When she returned the next morning, the $132 black Blackburn brand of rear and front lights mounted on the bike were missing. The theft occurred between 6 p.m. Sept. 18 and 6:45 a.m. Sept. 19. The woman filed a report in case there had been a string of similar thefts.

Theft in the third degree, recovered stolen property: A 39-year-old woman had her missing purse returned to her by police 15 days after it went missing. It was discovered sitting in a parking stall on the south side of an office on the 700 block of Ericksen Avenue. The purse was clean and dry, as if it had just been placed on the ground. This was contrary to the weather since it had rained and was wet outside. The woman said her purse was last in her car and reported it missing to police. When the purse was returned to the woman, it was missing $25 in cash and some change. However, the purse now contained black Adidas XL climate workout sweatpants, along with eight pairs of earrings, four bracelets, four necklaces, three charms and a single earring – all of which didn’t belong to her. The day before officers responded to a possible car prowling in the area by a 24-year-old man with long blond hair. The jewelry and sweatpants all had long blond hair stuck in them.

Sept. 17

Driving while license suspended/revoked in the third degree: An 86-year-old woman who lives on the 1000 block of Monte Vista Drive was reported to police by other drivers for driving recklessly, weaving all over the road and driving on the right shoulder. The responding police officer recognized the woman from her driver’s license being currently suspended in the third degree for refusal to take the exam. The officer had requested a re-test through the Department of Licensing several months earlier due to her driving, which was similar to this incident. When the officer located the woman’s car at a grocery store, the officer followed her. The woman drove 10 mph in a 25 mph zone and weaved one time from the left to the right. The officer found the woman’s driving unfocused. When the officer spoke to the woman, she was very hard of hearing and the officer informed her that there had been complaints over two days about her driving. Although the officer had already been at the woman’s house previously regarding her driving, the woman had no memory of the officer being there. Based on the officer’s experience, the officer said it appeared the woman had dementia issues and had difficulty with the cognitive understanding of the situation. After the woman’s son arrived at her home, the woman was later cited by the officer. The woman will have to appear in court Oct. 27 and re-test her driving skills with the Department of Licensing.

Negligent driving in the second degree, miscellaneous: A 16-year-old male took a turn on the 8000 block of Sands Road too fast and crossed into the oncoming lane of travel and lost control of his vehicle as it spun around. The vehicle’s motor then died, causing it to roll backwards into the road’s speed limit sign and break it off at the base and hit a home’s fence. The male was informed by police that he would have to compensate the city for the time and materials to fix the broken speed limit sign. He also made a verbal agreement with the homeowner to fix her fence.

Criminal trespass in the second degree: A 24-year-old suspicious looking unemployed man who lives on the 100 block of Wallace Way was observed by employees who work on Hildebrand Lane and Tormey Lane looking into parked cars. The man was seen sleeping without permission inside a garage unit of a Camellia Loop apartment by an apartment employee, who the day earlier had his car prowled and his iPad taken. The employee also found the man lurking around the apartments and was later seen looking in cars parked at the Doctor’s Clinic on 900 block of Hildebrand Lane. When an officer stopped the man, he didn’t admit to prowling cars and said he was only looking. The man has mental health issues and has an officer safety caution for suicide. The man was cited for criminal trespass in the second degree and issued a court date of Oct. 27. He was instructed to stay out of carports and garages, where the officer believed he was searching for cars to prowl. The man, who has blond hair, was possibly connected to the previously listed Sept. 18 theft in the third degree/recovered stolen property incident.

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