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Bainbride police blotter, April 9


The following items were taken from Bainbridge police reports by reporter Ethan Fowler. For more blotter, visit bainbridgeislander.com and click on Bainbridge blog link on the right side of the screen.

April 8

Suspicious persons/situations: A woman living on the 10000 block of Puget Bluff reported a pizza delivery man from a restaurant on Winslow Way was peering into her windows instead of ringing her doorbell. The man said he thought the home was a library and was closed. When the woman told her neighbor about the incident, the woman neighbor said she saw a gray vehicle driving slowly down the lane within the past few days.

Telephone harassment: A 46-year-old woman living on the 10000 block of Kirk Avenue reported that a man had called her six times trying to get personal information as he pretended to be an enforcement agency for the Internal Revenue Service. The man was claiming she owed back taxes. The man had a East-Indian accent. After hanging up, the woman Googled the number and found multiple people had blogged warnings about the scam.

Theft: A woman living on the 11000 block of Country Club Road reported that her orange kayak, valued at $500, was taken from her beach property. She last used the kayak two weeks earlier. She said her property frequently attracts people to park there for views of Seattle.

Identity theft: A woman reported receiving a letter from the Internal Revenue Service asking her to verify her identity. After she did, an IRS official told her that someone else had tried to use her social security number to file a tax return.

April 7

Identity theft: A man living on the 10000 block of Arrow Point Drive reported that unauthorized charges appeared on his bank card’s account.

April 6

Suspicious persons/situations: A man and his wife, who live on the 5000 block of Wekfare Avenue, reported seeing a man in the bushes of their property. When they called out to the man, he ran to a waiting brownish gold Infinity SUV. The homeowners believed the man was casing the property since the property also stores equipment for his father’s construction company. Soon after, the suspect returned in the vehicle with two woman and the homeowner recognized the occupants as people he went to school with. The three people told the homeowners that they wanted to set up a secret cafe on the first floor of the abandoned building on the property next to the property owner’s home. They planned to sell marijuana brownies from the cafe. The three people also told the homeowners that they were aware of the movement of the neighbors in the area.

April 4

Found property: An abandoned bike was retrieved from a residence at the 4300 block of Eagle Harbor Drive. There were no matches for the bicycle’s description on the list of stolen bikes.