Police believe brazen serial ‘smash-and-grab’ burglar prowling island

A serial burglar unfazed by daylight hours or locked doors and who typically uses “smash-and-grab” techniques is believed to be roaming quiet neighborhoods across the island, Bainbridge Island Police Chief Matthew Hamner said Wednesday.

Guns, prescription drugs, jewelry and generally small, easily concealable items seem to be targeted by the burglar.

Remote areas far from the Winslow downtown area have been burglarized, particularly places near a cemetery and removed from nearby parking. These locations would offer the burglar with a place to stage a getaway vehicle.

Police believe the burglar could be casing areas in a vehicle and then returning on foot.

When residents spot suspicious people and vehicles in their neighborhood, they are encouraged to call 911. Unfamiliar people coming into their driveways or yards also warrant calls.

“Please don’t be hesitant to call 911 to report suspicious activity,” Hamner said. “My officers are here and ready to respond 24 hours a day. We would rather have a call turn out to be nothing than to have another one of our residents victimized.

“We need the community to be our extra sets of eyes and ears in order to catch this burglar,” Hamner added.

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