Bainbridge police blotter, Jan. 29


The following items were taken from Bainbridge police reports by
reporter Ethan Fowler. For more blotter, visit
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Jan. 26
Identity theft: A 58-year-old man living on the 2000 block of
Soundview Drive believed a man had opened some loans under his name.

Driving while license suspended: A 21-year-old man living on 800 block
of High School Road was stopped for expired license tags on Highway
305 and south of Madison Avenue. The man, who said he was driving to
take his 41-year-old girlfriend to work, didn’t have any
identification on him when he was stopped. When an officer checked his
file, the man’s driver’s license was suspended in the third degree for
unpaid tickets.

Driving while license suspended: A 47-year-old woman was stopped for
driving while her license was suspended in the third degree. The woman
told the officer she didn’t know her license was suspended.

Open door/suspicious incident: An open door was discovered at
Bainbridge High School at 2 a.m. The door, which was propped open and
had its handle missing, was located on the south side next to a
storage room. The storage room had windows and a cash
register was in plain view. An attempt was made to open the storage door.

Jan. 22
Identity theft: A 33-year-old man living on the 500 block of Homestead
Lane filed an identity theft complaint after someone obtained his
personal identification without his permission.

Animal at large: A 60-year-old man, who lives on the 900 block of
Mandus Olson Road, had a collision with three black dogs while he was
riding his bike near Coyote Farm Lane. Two of the dogs went for the
man’s bicycle and the youngest ran under the bike causing the man to
ride his bike into a ditch. Two of the dogs were owned by a
54-year-old man on the 7000 block of Coyote Farm Lane, and the other
by a 50-year-old man living on the same street. The incident was
reported to Kitsap Animal Control. Other cyclists and cars have also
been chased by the dogs in the past.

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