Police Blotter: Didgeridoo destroyed in dispute between ex-roommates


A didgeridoo was broken, a scooter was vandalized, and a ski was hurled through a screen door, all during a multi-day dispute between  former roommates at a Bucklin Hill residence.

Also this week, an entire campsite was swiped from Fay Bainbridge Park and police crashed a late-night pizza party on Winslow Way.

The blotter is below:

Sept. 2

Theft: Two campers returned to their tent at Fay Bainbridge Park shortly after midnight, only to discover their tent had disappeared. A 19-year-old Poulsbo man told police he and a friend stayed the previous night in Seattle but left their camp set up at the park. When they returned to their camp, the tent, sleeping bags, cell phone and miscellaneous clothes were missing. The gear was valued at about $350. Park district staff confirmed they hadn’t removed the items.

Sept. 1

Assault: Police responded to a report of a fight in progress at a Winslow Way East bar at 6:40 p.m. A 60-year-old man had apparently been involved in an altercation with a 29 year woman, who was at the bar with her mother. One witness told police the man challenged the woman to “take a swing at me,” then shoved the woman. The woman responded by hurling her beer at the man. She missed and doused her mother instead. The man denied pushing the woman but confirmed a beer was thrown. He was released at the scene.

Aug. 30

Collision: A 53-year-old island bicyclist was taken to a hospital for treatment of a possible neck injury at 8 a.m. after his bike collided with an SUV on Eaglecliff Road. The cyclist was pulling out of his driveway when he failed to yield for the eastbound Subaru Tribeca. His bicycle crashed into the passenger side of the vehicle. The man apologized to the driver several times.

Aug. 29

Burglary: A 65-year-old woman reported a burglary she believed occurred on Aug. 19. The woman said someone took a table from her Bayview Boulevard home, which was for sale. A lockbox used by real estate agents was also missing. The woman said she hadn’t reported the theft at the time it occured but was now concerned someone was lurking in the neighborhood.

Malicious mischief: A scooter and a didgeridoo were broken in a multi-day dispute between former Bucklin Hill Road roommates. The confrontation began Aug. 25, when a 25-year-old homeowner and 22-year-old roommate got into an argument and came to blows. The roommate left the house and the owner locked the door behind him. The lockout enraged the roommate, who responded by hurling a ski through a screen door. Two days later the homeowner reported someone had taken his 150cc scooter into woods and broke its plastic covers and lights. He said his former roommate was being served with a restraining order and he concerned this was a retaliation. On Aug. 28, the former roommate returned to the home with police to collect his belongings. He reportedly found his $300 espresso maker missing and his didgeridoo musical instrument broken into several pieces on the porch. He suspected the homeowner.

Aug. 28

Burglary: A week-old burglary was reported at a Crystal Springs Drive home. The 66-year-old owner, who was selling the house, said he arrived on Aug. 21 to find the front door open and beer cans scattered on the floor. He also found a towel and a throw rug in a bathtub, covered in vomit. Jewelry was missing from a bedroom. The man said he had discussed the burglary with police at the time but a report wasn’t taken.

Malicious mischief: A Crystal Springs Drive resident reported two vehicles vandalized at 11 p.m. Someone had slashed open the cover of a convertible Volkswagen Beetle and keyed the hood of a Volvo. The resident found a baseball hat and cigarette in the driveway. He suspected teenage vandals.

Theft: A homeowner who’d recently relocated to Battle Point Drive discovered several items missing from moving boxes. The belongings included a set of World War I-era silverware bearing family initials and valued at $4,000. The homeowner talked to the moving company he’d used. The company was convinced no theft had occurred. The man said he planned to file an insurance claim. Police encouraged him to keep an eye on online auction websites and antique shops.

Aug. 27

Injury: A 20-year-old Bremerton moving company employee was hospitalized after falling at a Fort Ward residence shortly before 6 p.m. Coworkers said they hadn’t seen the man fall but found him laying prone near a curb outside the house. The man was unable to tell aid what the date or time was. He also appeared to have suffered a severely sprained or broken ankle. Police took a report for Labor & Industries.

Assault: Police were dispatched to an incoming ferry for a report of a domestic assault at 4:20 p.m. A 32-year-old Port Hadlock woman and 54-year-old Sequim man, each with a bruised face, were contacted at the terminal. The pair had apparently gotten into a fight in a van onboard the boat. Their stories differed but police determined the woman had been the aggressor. She was arrested for assault.

Suspicious situation: An officer on patrol heard voices at an second-story pizza restaurant on Winslow Way shortly before 2 a.m. The officer found two men sitting at an upstairs table drinking beer. Two other men were inside the restaurant cooking food. One of the men said he was the manager of the restaurant and was allowed to make food after hours. The officer told the men they couldn’t be drinking beer there and needed to leave. The politely complied. Police later contacted the owner of the restaurant. The owner said the men didn’t have permission to be there after hours and he planned to fire the employee.

Aug. 26

Collision: A Ford pickup crashed into a fence on the 11000 block of Miller Road at about 2 p.m. A witness said the pickup veered abruptly, as though trying to avoid something in the roadway, but the roadway was clear. The vehicle knocked down a 12-foot section of fence, a phone company box and a sign for Lovgren Road before coming to a stop. The driver, a 46-year-old woman, was transported to a hospital for possible neck or back injuries. The pickup was towed.