Police Blotter: High-speed chase ends in crash, DUI arrest


An 18-year-old man led police on a high-speed chase down Fletcher Bay Road early Tuesday morning. The pursuit ended when his car plunged down a ravine at the intersection with Lynwood Center Road. The man was arrested for drunken driving and attempting to elude police.

Also this week, police arrested a 44-year-old woman for driving a van with stolen plates and  a 24-year-old woman for slapping her boyfriend outside the police station.

The blotter is below:

Aug. 27

Eluding police: A 3 a.m. police chase led to the arrest of an 18-year-old island man. The pursuit began when police observed a small black car speeding south on Fletcher Bay Road. Police attempted to stop the vehicle but it continued to accelerate, reaching approximately 80 mph. The car pulled away from police, then crashed over an embankment at the intersection with Lynwood Center Road. The driver was located 75 yards away from the vehicle. The 18-year-old suffered a cut lip and was treated by aid at the scene. According to the report the man admitted to drinking eight beers before driving. He was arrested and taken to the police station where a breathalyzer test registered his blood alcohol content at .193. The legal limit is .08. The man was booked into Kitsap County jail for drunken driving and attempting to elude police. Bail was set at $22,500.

Aug. 25

Theft: Tools were reported stolen from a construction site on Wintersweet Road in Winslow. Missing items included T-squares, a level and a chair.

Aug. 23

Burglary: A man working on a house on Bergman Road found a side door open when he arrived at the residence in the morning. Several doors inside the house were open and items had been moved around. The house was due to be demolished and it appeared nothing was missing from inside. Police inspected the house in the afternoon and found pry marks on two doors indicating a forced entry.

Collision: A bicycle collided with a trailer at the intersection of Olympic Drive and Harborview Drive, near the ferry tollbooths at 6:20 a.m. The cyclist was riding on the sidewalk in the direction of the ferry when a truck pulling a trailer turned right from Olympic Drive onto Harborview Drive. The bicycle collided with the trailer in the crosswalk and became momentarily entangled. The bicyclist complained of lower leg pain and was treated at the scene. The rider claimed the truck hadn’t signaled before making the turn, an assertion the driver of the truck disputed.

Stolen plates: Police arrested a 44-year-old Newcastle woman on suspicion of driving with stolen license plates and a suspended driver license.The arrest was made after a camera system at the Seattle ferry terminal flagged the license plates on the Chevrolet van the woman was driving. The van boarded a ferry to Bainbridge and island police were alerted. Police stopped the van north of Winslow Way shortly before 2 a.m. The driver said she was unaware the license plates were not registered to the van. A male passenger in the van told police the vehicle belonged to his ex-girlfriend. The plates were found to be registered to a Mitsubishi in Kent. A records check showed the driver’s license was suspended for unpaid tickets. The woman also reportedly told police she used methamphetamine. The van was packed with metal piping, tools, plumbing fixtures and miscellaneous property, which the woman said they were transporting to the passenger’s property in Port Townsend. Police suspected the items were stolen but were unable to confirm the suspicion. The woman was arrested and booked into Kitsap County jail. The passenger was released.

Drunken driving: A 28-year-old island man was arrested for drunken driving on Eagle Harbor Drive shortly after midnight. Police noticed the man’s vehicle swerving on High School Road and followed the vehicle as it turned south onto Sportsman Club Road and continued on to Eagle Harbor Drive. A stop was executed as the vehicle turned onto a gravel driveway. The driver told police he had been drinking, but “I think I’m OK.” He performed unsteadily on field sobriety tests and declined a portable breath test. He was arrested. At the station a breathalyzer test registered his blood alcohol content at .157. The legal limit is .08. The man was booked into Kitsap County jail.

Aug. 22

Burglary: Police were called to a Commodore neighborhood home where a 12-year-old girl said she’d seen a suspicious boy standing in the family’s garage. The girl said the boy was about 14 and walked quickly away from the house when he saw her. Nothing appeared missing from the garage.

Aug. 20

Domestic assault: Police arrested a 24-year-old woman for domestic assault after seeing her and her boyfriend in an emotional dispute outside the police station. An officer returned to the station from a patrol at about 1:15 a.m. and noticed a car parked in a police-only parking space with its engine. The officer heard whimpering from nearby and saw the agitated couple sitting on a park near the station. Police interviewed the couple. The boyfriend, a 28-year-old Kingston man, said he’d come to the ferry to pick up his girlfriend and she’d complained about the long wait. The argument escalated and she slapped him in the face, he said. The girlfriend admitted to striking the boyfriend, but said she’d only hit him on the arm. Police arrested the woman, explaining the arrest was mandatory once domestic violence was established. The woman was booked into Kitsap County jail on $2,500 bail.