Police Blotter: Vigilantes with baseball bat follow ferry rider


A Bainbridge man called police after two suspicious men followed him while he walked to the ferry on the morning of Aug. 15. One of the men was carrying a baseball bat. Police located one of the suspects who explained that people had been “creeping” around his house and he and a friend were checking the neighborhood.

Also this week, a California man was airlifted after flipping his car off Highway 305, and an employee of a Hildebrand Lane business used a steak knife to make a point.

The blotter is below: 

Aug. 18

Vehicle prowl: A Taurnic Place resident reported a vehicle prowl at 8 a.m. The man noticed the door to a non-running BMW station wagon on his property was ajar that morning. The glove box was also open. The car was empty, so nothing was missing from inside.

Suspicious incident: Police were dispatched to Manitou Park Boulevard shortly after 2 a.m. for a report of a truck was abandoned on the roadside. One door of the truck was open and papers, including registration documents, were strewn on the ground. The glove box and center console were also open but cash was left untouched. Police were unable to contact the registered owner. The vehicle was secured.

Aug. 15

Suspicious incident: A man called police to report two suspicious men who’d followed him on his way to the ferry at 6 a.m. He said the men trailed him for about 100 yards on Carmella Lane. One was carrying a baseball bat. Police responded to the area and found a 29-year-old man standing at the corner of Carmella Lane and Finch Road. The man admitted to following the reporting party. He explained that people had been “creeping” around his house and he was checking the neighborhood. He said his friend had been carrying the baseball bat but had left earlier. His friend, a 31-year-old Bremerton man, had several outstanding warrants. Police searched the area for the wanted individual but couldn’t locate him.

Theft: Two blue road bike and a silver mountain bike were reported stolen from the carport of a Homestead Lane apartment.

Suspicious incident: Two gunshots were heard in the early afternoon near the 3000 block of Lytle Road, according to a resident. The man was concerned someone might be squatting in an abandoned house near his property. Police checked the area and found no signs of a squatting. The abandoned building was reported to code compliance.

Aug. 14

Theft: A child’s push scooter was reported stolen from a Klickitat Place yard. The Razor kick scooter was valued at $75.

Aug. 12

Theft: A Meadowmeer woman reported her computer had been “hacked.” The woman told police she returned from a vacation to find several error messages on the screen of the family computer. Soon after she received a phone call from a 1-800 number. The caller, described as having an “East Indian” accent, claimed to be a tech support representative who had received the error messages from her computer. “This is not a virus,” the man reportedly told her. “This is more serious.” The mouse arrow on her computer screen then began to move automatically and the man on the phone confirmed he was controlling her computer remotely. The woman told him he did not have her permission to access the computer. The man reportedly laughed and hung up. The woman checked her accounts and found no signs of identity theft. A report was taken.

Aug. 10

Collision: A 27-year-old California man was airlifted to a Seattle hospital after his Toyota Camry flipped over on the side of Highway 305 shortly before 11 p.m. The car was traveling south on the highway after crossing the Agate Pass Bridge. The vehicle apparently veered across the centerline. The driver over-corrected and ran off the side of the road. The vehicle travelled another 500 feet along the shoulder before hitting the side of an easement access road. The vehicle went airborne and flipped onto its top on impact. The driver suffered a broken arm and likely head injuries. A witness said the car had been swerving badly prior to the collision. The car was also reported leaving the Suquamish casino with an extremely intoxicated driver. The man refused a blood test in the ambulance. The car was impounded.

Aug. 9

Suspicious incident: A 70-year-old Fletcher Bay Road resident reported finding a crossbow bolt embedded deep into a tree on his property. The man wasn’t sure how long the bolt had been there. He believed someone had been poaching deer on his 2.5 acre parcel.

Harassment: An employee of a Hildebrand Lane business called police after a coworker used the point of a steak knife to pin a memo to her office door. The 56-year-old woman said she left the business at 8:30 a.m. and returned at 11 a.m. to find the memo stuck to the door jamb with what appeared to be a steak knife from the office kitchen. The woman said she had written the memo to her 44-year-old coworker to address  a deficiency in his work. “I guess I know what you think of that memo,” she reportedly said to the coworker after finding the knife. The woman told police she felt threatened and was concerned with her coworker’s increasingly “explosive and volatile” behavior. She said she’s seen the man looking at weapons online while at work. Police forwarded a report to prosecutors for possible charging.