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A new vision for island’s Grow Community

blog.130729_Grow Site plan persp

Construction on the first phase of Bainbridge Island’s Grow Community is well underway on the corner of Wyatt Way and Grow Avenue.

Now developers are retooling designs for the second phase, planned for five acres between Wyatt Way and Shepard Drive, just west of the Pavilion complex (currently the site of John Adams Lane).


The new preliminary site plan (a rough rendering is shown above) shifts the focus from single-family homes to a mix of apartments, condominiums and townhouses. Island architect Jim Cutler has sketched plans for 87 homes clustered into two distinct neighborhoods, each centered around a common area.

Most of the resident parking will be located underground to allow for about three acres of open space above. A community center building is planned for the center of the courtyard to the south.

According to developers, the new buildings will still be built to meet the One Planet Living standards achieved in the first phase of Grow. This includes space for solar panels on the rooftops.

Developers plan to submit a revised site plan to the city for review in September.

Police Blotter: Vigilantes with baseball bat follow ferry rider


A Bainbridge man called police after two suspicious men followed him while he walked to the ferry on the morning of Aug. 15. One of the men was carrying a baseball bat. Police located one of the suspects who explained that people had been “creeping” around his house and he and a friend were checking the neighborhood.

Also this week, a California man was airlifted after flipping his car off Highway 305, and an employee of a Hildebrand Lane business used a steak knife to make a point.

The blotter is below:  Continue reading