Police Blotter: Motorcyclist flips off driver, crashes


A 21-year-old Bainbridge rider was reportedly giving the finger to the driver of the car ahead of him July 30 when his motorcycle crashed on Blakely Avenue. The rider claimed the car slowed sharply, causing him to clip its bumper and lose control. Police suspected the rider’s alternative use of his braking hand may have contributed to the wreck.

Also this week, vandals destroyed a sign at the Japanese American Exclusion Memorial, and a deer-shaped archery target lost its head.

The blotter is below:  

Aug. 3

Theft: Police responded to a Sunrise Drive property for a report of a stolen gate and fencepost. The 68-year-old owner said he was in an ongoing dispute with a neighbor over a property boundary and he suspected the neighbor had taken the gate and post. The neighbor confirmed those suspicions when questioned by police. “I certainly did,” the 80-year-old reportedly said. “They’re in my car.” The neighbor said he didn’t believe it was a crime to take the gate down and refused to reinstall it. A report was forwarded to prosecutors.

Aug. 2

Theft: An Upper Farms Road resident told police someone had climbed the fence to his yard and made off with the head to his deer-shaped archery target. The target was valued at $250.

Aug. 1

Road rage: Police helped a sheriff’s deputy talk down an enraged driver on Highway 305 near Sportsman Club Road. The deputy stopped after witnessing the 42-year-old Poulsbo man park his BMW in the middle of the roadway and chase an SUV on foot. The man told the deputy he was upset with the speed the SUV was traveling. He then launched into an obscenity-laced tirade about law enforcement. Police advised the man to stay in his vehicle and call 911 next time he became upset about someone’s driving. A records check showed the man had a history of road rage and aggressive behavior toward law enforcement.

July 30

Collision: A Kawasaki motorcycle crashed on Blakely Avenue at 6:40 p.m., while the rider was in the midst of a confrontation with the driver of the car ahead. The rider, a 21-year-old island man, told police the driver and passenger of the car ahead of him had flipped him off. He flipped them off in return. According to the rider, the car then braked suddenly and his motorcycle struck the rear bumper and crashed. He was not injured but the bike was badly damaged. The driver of the car, a 22-year-old islander, told police the motorcyclist gave him the finger first. The driver said he was pulling his car over to let the motorcycle pass when the collision occurred. Police found no marks suggesting the car braked sharply. Police also noted the motorcyclist was likely using his braking hand to give the driver the finger, thus inhibiting his ability to stop quickly. The rider was cited for following too close.

Malicious mischief: A city volunteer reported fire damage to the information kiosk at Waterfront Park. It appeared someone had burned a piece of plastic hanging from the roof and a piece of paper tacked to the side of the building. A damage estimate was available.

July 29

Malicious mischief: Vandals destroyed an interpretive sign at the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial. Exoxy had been used to spell the word “INTERNMENT” over references to “concentration” camps. A representative of the memorial said the panel would need to be replaced at a cost of several hundred dollars.

July 26

Theft: A 14-foot kayak went missing from a Pleasant Beach Drive home. The kayak was an orange, sit-on-top model.

Malicious mischief: The manager of a Winslow Way church reported the doors to the building had been vandalized. It appeared someone tried to break one door by shouldering it and the door jamb was damaged. A handle was broken off the other door.

Burglary: An employee of a Ericksen Avenue business reported a burglary after discovering two apparently intoxicated young men in the building shortly after 1 a.m. The employee confronted the men, who fled down the street. It appeared they’d gained access through a window.

July 25

Theft: A $1,000 bicycle was reported stolen from a Madison Avenue apartment complex. The Bianchi 10-speed had been left unlocked under a stairwell.