Police Blotter: Buddha statues stolen from island home


Talk about bad karma: Two 30-pound bronze Buddha statues were reported stolen from a home in the Agate Passage area May 3. The Buddhas were valued together at $5,000.

Also this week, gasoline theft was reported from two areas of the island and a bicyclist suffered injuries in a crash on El Cimo Lane.

The blotter is below:

May 7

Theft: A 10-speed bicycle was reported stolen from a Camelia Loop apartment complex. The owner said he’d ridden home at midnight and parked the bike outside. It was missing by 10 a.m. The bicycle was a dark blue Raleigh with gold lettering valued at $200.

May 6

Vehicle prowl: About $300 in cash went missing from the glove box of a vehicle parked on the 600 block of High School Road sometime during the day. The owner told police she’d left the windows to the car rolled down because of the warm weather.

Check fraud: Bremerton police informed a Winslow shop owner that a former employee of the shop may have been forging checks. The employee had been arrested in Bremerton. While searching her cell phone, police found pictures of two checks from the shop made out in her name. Each check had missing or incorrect details, suggesting they were forged. The shop owner confirmed neither check had ben paid out. A report was taken.

Found: An iPad was found on a bench outside a Winslow Way shop. The woman who found the iPad filled out a form to claim it if the owner couldn’t be identified. The tablet was password protected. It was placed in evidence for safekeeping.

Gas theft: A Ferncliff Avenue auto shop reported the apparent theft of gasoline for the second time in two weeks. Employees arrived at the shop that morning and discovered someone had tried to drain fuel from a postal truck parked outside the shop. The perpetrator had left a garden hose attached to the tank and there was a large stain on the ground around the vehicle. A similar incident was reported April 26.

May 5

Gas theft: A Crystal Springs Drive resident reported the theft of gas from a Toyota pickup parked at his property. The man said someone had pried open the door to the gas tank and left a siphoning hose behind. He noted the perpetrator was also “kind enough to leave my gas cap.”

Bicycle crash: A 57-year-old bicyclist suffered a possible broken elbow and lacerations after crashing on El Cimo Lane, in the Point White shortly before 2 p.m. The woman’s husband, who was riding behind her at the time of the crash, said she was traveling 15 to 20 mph when her bike hit a speed bump and went airborne. The woman fell over the handlebar and hit the ground. She was wearing a helmet. An aid unit transported her to a Bremerton hospital for treatment.

May 4

Drunken driving: Police arrested a 49-year-old Bainbridge man for driving under the influence of alcohol at 1 a.m. after his BMW was seen speeding and swerving on Highway 305. Police contacted the driver in his Lovgreen Road driveway. The man admitted to drinking “more than five beers.” He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and declined breathalyzer tests. He was booked into Kitsap County jail on $2,500 bail.

May 3

Found: A pair of skis were found on the 800 block of Ericksen Avenue and turned in to police.

Theft: Two bronze Buddha statues were reported stolen from an Agate Passage-area home. The 4-foot-tall statues were hollow and weighed about 30 pounds each. The owner valued the pair at between $4,600 and $5,000. He said the theft occurred sometime in the previous week.

May 1

Drunken driving: A 28-year-old Bainbridge woman was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol shortly after 10 p.m. Police first noticed the woman driving erratically and tailing another vehicle on northbound Lynwood Center Road. Police stopped her vehicle on Fletcher Bay Road. The woman spoke extremely slowly when contacted by police and nearly fell while getting out of her vehicle. She performed unsteadily on a field sobriety test and refused to finish the evaluation. At the station she demanded to speak to a lawyer but couldn’t provide contact information. She refused to talk to a public defender and declined breathalyzer tests. She was booked into Kitsap County jail.