Daily Archives: April 26, 2013

Bainbridge Islander preview


Here’s the Bainbridge Islander preview for April 26. Feel free to give your events a plug in the comment section below.


CLIMBING TO VICTORY | Arborists descend on Bainbridge for an unusual competition.

PLEASANT BEACH PHASE 2 | A swimming pool and gym are just a couple new additions planned for fast-changing Lynwood Center.

CONCERN FOR FLETCHER BAY | Increasing levels of bacteria put Fletcher Bay on the “threatened” list for shellfish growing.

BIG PLANS FOR ROTARY PARK | Ballfields will get long-awaited renovations over the next two years.

COMING UP | Students become citizen scientists in watershed project.

Island View:

A look at The Waypoint and the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art site. Click and drag the image to scroll around.
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