Island runner shares photos from Boston

Flowers line a barricade on Boylston Street in Boston Tuesday, near the site of the Boston Marathon bombing. (Photo courtesy Luis Borges)

Bainbridge Island runner Luis Borges was competing in his fourth Boston Marathon when tragedy struck Monday.

He had finished the race and was walking back to his hotel when he heard the two explosions near the finish line. He described the aftermath to the Sun’s Steven Gardner Tuesday.

“It’s still a town in shock and it’s still a town trying to figure things out,” Borges said from his hotel room, a few blocks from the scene.

Borges was one of about 20 Kitsap-area runners registered for the race. He said he is determined to run a fifth Boston Marathon.

“I want to be here next year,” he said.

Borges shared some of his photos from the event. They show the lead up to the race and eerie street scenes following the bombing.

This is me at the finish line right next to the site where the first bomb went off. The bomb was placed on the left side of the street. This picture was taken on Saturday, two days before the marathon:


This is me at Hopkinton at the athletes village prior to the start of the race on Monday:


Tuesday morning in the city area right around the finish line. Lots of different kinds of special vehicles were present:


A barricade preventing people from getting close to Boylston Street, right next to the Copley Square Hotel:


This is the back side of the medical tent that is set up to assist runners at the end of the marathon. The other side of the tent faces Boylston Street and this is where most of the injured people where initially treated:


Looking down Boylston street towards the finish line. The street was closed and as it s clear nothing had been cleared from the road. This was part of the crime scene Tuesday morning:


Next to the Commons at the intersection with Boylston Street Tuesday morning. Lots of media presence:


Another street scene. Military vehicles and media:


Looking down Boylston Street towards the finish line Tuesday. People left flowers next to the barricade: