Police Blotter: Chilly Hilly rider hospitalized


The Chilly Hilly ride came to an early end for one cyclist, who lost control on a gravelly corner of Sunrise Drive and slid into a mailbox post. The rider was transported to a Seattle for treatment of knee and shoulder injuries. It was one of two bicycle wrecks reported in the Sunrise Drive area Sunday.

Also this week, fluorescent green was the color of choice for a vulgar vandal, and a rental truck savaged a tree on High School Road.

The blotter is below:

Feb. 25

Collision: A vehicle driving northbound on Miller Road just south of Koura Road collided with a large buck at 7 a.m. The driver said the deer got up and ran away. The vehicle sustained a broken headlight.

Feb. 24

Bicycle wreck: A Chilly Hilly bicycle ride participant wrecked while turning from Sunrise Drive onto Lafayette Avenue Sunday morning. The cyclist said he lost control on a patch of gravel and slammed into a mailbox pole. He was bleeding from a cut on his knee and was bleeding when aid arrived. He also complained of severe shoulder pain. An ambulance transported the man to a Seattle hospital.

Feb. 23

Malicious mischief: Vulgar graffiti was found sprayed around parking lots and shrubbery at a Sportsman Club Road school. The tags were sprayed in fluorescent green paint and included racial slurs and insults against teachers. Cost of removal was estimated at $250.

Feb. 21

Collision: A school employee called police after witnessing a rental moving truck crush a landscaping tree on High School Road. The employee said the truck was negotiating a multi-point turn in the roadway at about 7 p.m. when it snagged a tree and broke several branches. The tree was partially uprooted. Police located the truck parked on Hildebrand Lane and found bark fiber on the bumper. When contacted, the driver admitted to turning around in the street but said he didn’t realize he’d snagged the tree. Police took the driver’s information and instructed him to contact school staff.

Feb. 20

Trespass: Police were called to a Madison Avenue arts center where an employee suspected someone had been living in a temporary classroom space. The employee had opened the room to prepare for a class at about 1:45 p.m. and found a sleeping bag and cigarette lighter inside. Police did not locate a suspect. The items were placed in evidence.

Feb. 17

Reckless driving: A 45-year-old Port Townsend driver reported a motorcycle rider driving recklessly on southbound Highway 305 shortly before 1 p.m. The driver told police the motorcyclist had pulled alongside his truck on the highway in Poulsbo and punched his side view mirror. The driver said the motorcycle then veered in front of his truck and slammed to a stop, nearly causing a collision. Police located the motorcycle on Bainbridge and contacted the rider, a 47-year-old Poulsbo man. The rider said the truck driver had passed him and cut him off on the highway, which had “pissed him off.” He said he pulled alongside the truck and gave the driver the bird before pulling in front. Police forwarded a report to prosecutors.