Friday preview: Bainbridge edition


Here’s the Friday preview: Bainbridge edition for Feb. 22. Feel free to give your event a plug in the comment section below. Above, riders depart the Bainbridge ferry for the 2012 Chilly Hilly ride. The wildly popular tour de Bainbridge returns Sunday. Watch for coverage at We welcome your photos on our Facebook page. (Josh Farley photo)

0222_BI_01Weather: A strong weather front will move into the area Friday, the National Weather Service warns. The front is expected to produce heavy snow in the mountains, with rain and gusty winds in the lowlands.

Conditions on Bainbridge should be milder, with gusts up to 30 mph and rain on Friday. Rain showers should continue through the weekend.

Sports: The Spartans sent athletes to state championships last weekend in gymnastics, swimming and wrestling.

Among the standouts at state was gymnast Sarah Rice, who medaled in the all-around for the second time in her career and took seventh on the vault. Swimmer Spencer Alpaugh placed fifth in the 200 individual medley with a time of 1:56.38.

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What’s Happening:

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Inside the Islander: We visit the island’s newest Little Free Library.

The week in review:

Coming Up: We’ll have two reporters roving Bainbridge for the Chilly Hilly on Sunday. Intrepid reporter Josh Farley will join the fray on his bicycle. I’ll be taking a look behind the scenes of the event. Watch the Kitsap Sun website Sunday evening and Monday’s paper for coverage.

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5 thoughts on “Friday preview: Bainbridge edition

  1. Please run a poll of Bainbridge Islanders re those who LIKE the chilly Hilly event, and those that DO NOT LIKE the Chilly Hilly event.

    I think this event does the Island little good, messes up traffic, ties up the police, and should not be allowed on Bainbridge Island’s poorly maintained and crowded roads. If you have tried driving through or around the participants, you will have noticed how Chilly Hilly promotes gang mentality and bullying.

  2. I agree with M.McCann.
    It has gotten so out of hand..and the cyclists are the rudest on the road. After several years of being the “bad guy” in a car, I just feel like I am held hostage on the Chilly Hilly Day. Our bad roads are just not made for the number of bikes, cars, on the road at the same time!

  3. Yeah, it is a nuisance but it is only one day out of the whole year. I think its fun to see the participants out on their bikes and it encourages everyone to get out and ride.

  4. I third “DO NOT LIKE” the event. Gang mentality: I never thought of it that way but it’s a great description. Rude riders who fail in every aspect of obeying simple road rules like stopping, signaling and riding single file. How about moving it around every year so other folks can experience the joy that is chilly hilly?

  5. I forth the GET OFF MY LAWN. I’m old and resent seeing healthy, able-bodied people kick of a season of recreation without me. I had fun once and it was AWFUL!

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