Police Blotter: Mail disappears from island mailboxes


A rash of mail theft was reported around the island in the last two weeks. Several residents returned home from trips to find suspiciously small amounts of mail in their mailboxes and expected deliveries missing. In one case a locking mailbox had been pried open.

Also this week, an $800 dinghy departed an Agate Passage home, and a driver reported hitting a mysterious pedestrian on Winslow Way.

The blotter is below:

Feb. 11

Shoplift: A bearded suspect walked out of a High School Road grocery store shortly after 10 p.m. carrying a basket of items he hadn’t paid for, employees reported. Employees were unsure what items were taken but valued the grocery basket at $25.

Mail theft: A Bergman Road resident returned home from a multi-day trip and found only a few pieces of mail waiting in the mailbox. The missing mail included a new passport.

Mail theft: The mailbox for a Lovgreen Road home was discovered hanging open when the homeowner returned from a weeklong trip. The mailbox had a locking door and appeared to have been pried open. Only a few pieces of mail were found inside and the homeowner suspected several bills and other sensitive documents were missing.

Mail theft: A Fletcher Road resident reported several mail thefts from his residence over a two-month period. The resident told police he’d seen a suspicious truck parked near his mailboxes the previous week. The truck drove away quickly when he approached, the resident said.

Feb. 10

Dinghy theft: An Agate Passage woman reported the theft of an 8-foot Walker Bay dinghy from her home. A pair of oars stored under the dinghy was also missing. The boat and accessories were valued at $800. The woman said a mountain bike and gas can had also gone missing from her home recently.

Feb. 8

Hit-and-run: Police were called to the intersection of Koura Road and Highway 305 at 3 p.m. for a report of a hit-and-run collision. A 55-year-old man at the scene told police he was driving east on Koura in his pickup and stopped at the stop sign at the highway. The man said a small gold car traveling south on the highway attempted to turn west onto Koura but was traveling too fast and drifted into his truck. The man said he asked the driver of the car if she was OK, and they pulled into a nearby parking lot to exchange information. When the truck driver mentioned filing a police report the woman abruptly drove away. Police later contacted the woman at her Olympus Beach home. She admitted to hitting the truck and said she’d left the scene because she felt ill. Police issued her a criminal citation.

Mail theft: Mail left in a mailbox for delivery was stolen overnight from a Toad Holler residence. The mail included a rent check.

Mail theft: A Village Circle resident reported mail theft after returning home from an extended vacation in California. The woman said she’d asked the post office to hold her mail but when she returned home she was told the mail had been left for her in a postal bin on her porch. The woman found no bin at her home. Missing mail included credit card statements and checks.

Feb. 7

Assault: Police were called to a Lynwood Center home at 9:30 p.m. for a report of an unconscious male outside the residence. The home’s resident said the man was her ex-boyfriend, whom she’d been in an altercation with that evening. She said the man had assaulted her, broken her phone and smashed a glass case for a pet snake. He then tried to cut himself with a dull steak knife before passing out in a dog bed, the woman said.The man was airlifted to a Seattle hospital for treatment of an apparent overdose from an unknown substance.

Malicious mischief: Several outdoor light fixtures were shattered at a Country Club Road home. The fixtures were valued at $500. No suspects.

Mail theft: A Moran Road coin collector mail theft after a valuable coin he’d bought in an online auction didn’t arrive as scheduled. The post office confirmed the coin had been delivered to his home.

Feb. 6

Collision: A 55-year-old Bainbridge man reported hitting an unknown pedestrian on Winslow Way the previous evening. The man said he was driving his sedan east on Winslow Way shortly before 7 p.m. when a man suddenly darted into the street and was struck by the sedan. The driver stopped to check on the pedestrian, who appeared intoxicated. The pedestrian refused to identify himself and left the scene, insisting he was uninjured.