Police Blotter: Bikes fall off car, then get stolen


A bicycle rack carrying two mountain bikes fell off a car at the intersection of Sunrise Drive and Day Road on Jan. 28. The driver continued on to the ferry and called a friend to pick up the rack and bikes, but someone beat the friend to the scene. The rack and bicycles were missing a scant 30 minutes later.

Also this week, a Fort Ward man reported a strange string of mischief, and employees of a High School Road business were mystified when 36 calls to Myanmar showed up on their phone bill.

The blotter is below:

Jan. 28

Theft: A bicycle rack holding two bicycles fell off a vehicle driving through the intersection of Sunrise Drive and Day Road at about 10:30 a.m. The driver was in a hurry to get to the ferry so she left the rack and bikes on the side of the road and called a friend to pick them up. When the friend arrived 30 minutes later the rack and bikes were gone. The items were valued at $275. If only the bikes had a strong bike lock; maybe they could have retained the bikes.

Jan. 27

Malicious mischief: A 41-year-old Fort Ward man reported an escalating pattern of vandalism at his home. The incidents began in September when a friend’s van was keyed while it was parked for the weekend. Later a taillight and turn signal on his mother’s car was smashed, causing $250 damage. Tires on his own vehicle were slashed on Jan. 17 and Jan. 23. The man could provide no suspect information.

Jan. 26

Theft: Police were called to a commercial parking lot near the ferry terminal at 6 a.m. for a report of two men using a coat hanger to fish cash out of the pay boxes. The suspects appeared to be the same men involved in similar incidents at the lot in recent months. Police were unable to locate the men.

Jan. 24

Theft: Mail missing from a North Madison Avenue man’s mailbox was recovered in a Belfair. The man told police someone from Belfair mailed the missing items to him with a note saying they’d found them in their driveway. The Belfair sender provided no return address.

Jan. 21

Marine response: A Manzanita resident spotted an oil sheen roughly 125 feet wide at the mouth of the bay shortly before 11 a.m. The sheen was dissipating rapidly when police arrived and it was determined no report was necessary.

Jan. 20

Malicious mischief: An employee of a Winslow Way restaurant reported two tires on his car had been slashed sometime during evening. The man suspected the damage had been done by a customer who’d been kicked out of the restaurant. Police could find no physical evidence.

Jan. 18

Malicious mischief: A mailbox was smashed on Crystal Springs Drive. The owners said the box had been vandalized in the past, but this time it looked as though the damage had been done with a “sledge hammer.” No suspects.

Jan. 17

Theft: Employees of a High School Road business were bewildered to find numerous calls to Granada and Myanmar recorded on the company’s phone bills. A total of 36 calls were made to Myanmar in one day. The bill from the mystery calls totaled $530. Employees told police the calls couldn’t have originated from their office and they needed a report to provide the phone company.

3 thoughts on “Police Blotter: Bikes fall off car, then get stolen

  1. Cannot stop laughing. A vehicle loses it’s load (the rack and bikes), and keeps on going. then the driver expects someone else to go pick up.

    These bikes are not stolen; just found on the side of the road.

    The owner, besides being extremely stupid, is lucky; neither the bikes not the rack injured anybody. As it is, he is still subject for a hefty fine for unsecured load.

  2. I agree with the above poster…what an idiot to think that in this day and age if it was left on the side of the road…that it would remain there. If the driver didn’t care enough to re-secure her load..but it was more important to catch the boat.. and I agree no theft has been committed..in addition lucky that no one was hurt by her unsecured load.
    People’s action never cease to amaze me.

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