Island Road History | Henderson Road

Street of the Week: Henderson Road

Location: Runs north/south between Seabold Road and Hidden Cove Road; west of Highway 305

History: Scottish-born John Maurice Henderson wanted to be a doctor. But when his father died, 16-year-old Henderson put a pause on that dream and headed west from his family’s home in London. He was just 18 when he arrived in Oklahoma.

The year was 1884, and Henderson found himself in the midst of the Wild West. Over the years, he made his fortune in cattle and land, eventually sending for his family to come join him in America.

Three years after his arrival, Henderson gave his dream another shot. He entered medical school in New York and graduated four years later. He began practicing out east before moving to Washington State. Once here, he purchased land in the Seabold area.

During World War I, Henderson served at an army hospital in France. He kept working with the government after the war before opening his own practice in Seattle. Dr. Henderson continued to see patients on Bainbridge, braving land and sea when duty called.

More stories of the doctor can be found in his file at the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum.

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