Police Blotter: Police pursue ‘bellicose’ driver through Fletcher Bay

A 65-year-old driver, who described himself as “bellicose,” vehemently denied trying to evade police Jan. 9 after an officer pursued his vehicle at high speed through the Fletcher Bay neighborhood. “No way Jose was I trying to ditch you,” the man told police. He was cited for negligent driving.

Also this week, an $800 bull whip went missing from a vehicle on Miller Road while the Jolly Roger was flown at Wyckoff.

The blotter is below:

Jan. 14

Egging: Unknown suspects egged a car belonging to a 47-year-old island woman in Lynwood Center. The eggs chipped paint off the vehicle, resulting in $300 of damage.

Jan. 12

Collision: A 51-year-old Poulsbo woman was taken to a hospital for evaluation after her Subaru Forester was rear ended by a Volkswagen Passat on northbound Highway 305 at Sportsman Club Road. The driver of the Volkswagen told police she was momentarily blinded by the sun when her car collided with the Subaru, which had stopped for a red light at about 1 p.m. The driver of the Subaru complained of neck pain.

Theft: Mail was reported stolen from a mailbox on Moji Lane. The homeowner said a birthday card containing $10 was missing, as well as a utility document. The utility document was found torn up down the street. No suspects.

Jan. 11

Malicious mischief: The owner of a Miller Road auto repair shop told police someone attempted to break into a pickup parked outside the shop overnight. The suspect apparently tried to pry open the rear sliding window of the truck, shattering a glass pane in the process. The damaged slider window was valued at $500. No suspects.

Jan. 10

Malicious mischief: Three parking signs were discovered pulled down on Ihland Way between Grow Avenue and Lovell Avenue.

Theft: A Buckskin Lane resident reported ignition keys missing from three vehicles on her property. Keys were missing from two vehicles that had been parked in the driveway, as well as a Lexus parked in her garage.

Jan. 9

Reckless driving: Police cited a 65-year-old Olympus Beach man for reckless driving after an officer pursued him on a wild drive through the area of Fletcher Bay. Police began following the man’s vehicle north on Miller Road after it failed to stop at New Brooklyn Road shortly before 9 p.m. The car turned west onto Battle Point Drive and the driver hit the gas, accelerating to 65 mph in a 35 mph zone near Fox Cove Lane. Police activated their squad car lights but the suspect vehicle continued onto Olympus Beach Road and pulled into a private driveway, which turned out to be the driver’s home. When contacted, the driver denied trying to evade police. “No way Jose was I trying to ditch you,” he said. The man smelled of alcohol and he admitted to drinking a glass of wine on the ferry earlier that evening, but nothing else. His mood shifted between cooperative and “bellicose,” a word he used to describe himself. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and complained there were too many. “Both you and I know I’m not drunk,” he told the officer, before declining a portable breathalyzer test. Police decided to not arrest and transport the man for drunken driving because only two officers were on duty that night. He was cited for negligent driving and speeding instead.

Theft: A satellite dish was reported stolen from the front yard of a Pinyon Avenue house. The homeowner was on vacation in Australia at the time of the theft and her father and sister discovered the theft. The home’s mailbox had also been uprooted and was found in the bushes nearby. The satellite dish was owned by the provider and valued at $500.

Vehicle prowl: A 22-year-old Bainbridge man reported $2,000 in miscellaneous items had been stolen from his truck Jan. 6 when it was parked at a Miller Bay auto shop. The man’s vehicle had been towed to the shop shortly after midnight. The shop owner noticed the door to the vehicle was open when he arrived at work later that morning. The 22-year-old said the missing items included an Australian-made leather bull whip, which he valued at $800. Tools and a case of CDs were also missing. The shop owner noted six other vehicles had been parked in the lot that morning and none were entered.

Jan. 8

Theft: Someone smashed in the window of a car parked at the library and stole a purse from inside. The purse was valued at $200 and replacement of the window was estimated at $250. The theft was reported shortly before 4 p.m.

Jan. 6

Mischief: A motion-sensing alarm was activated at the Wyckoff cleanup site at 11:30 a.m. An employee at the site found no signs of forced entry but discovered a Jolly Roger skull-and-crossbones flag hanging from a fence near the water.