Island Road History | Gertie Johnson Road

Street of the Week: Gertie Johnson Road

Location: East off Rolling Bay business district

History: Gertrude Johnson was accustomed to being first. She lived in the first beach house off Logg Road; she helped create the area’s first park; she was Bainbridge Island’s first women legislator.
Outside her accomplishments at the capital, Johnson may be best known for her ties to Fay Bainbridge.

In the wake of the Great Depression, the state was looking for land. Johnson heard the property of a longtime Island family, the Fays, was up for sale. On a hunch it would be a perfect spot for a new park, Johnson picked up the phone.

The state couldn’t afford the $15,000 asking price, she explained. That’s fine, the Fays replied. You can have it for $5,000, just name it after the family. And Johnson did just that.

Source: “A History of Bainbridge Island,” Katy Warner, 1968