Islander editor reclaims Bainbridge roots

Elisabeth Kramer joins us as the new editor of the Bainbridge Islander this week.  Here’s a column from Beth introducing herself (or, more accurately, reintroducing herself) to the island:

It’s fitting I’d come back to Bainbridge. Years ago, my parents built a home here, the home a newborn me returned to after my very first ferry ride. All the photos of my early childhood come from this island, including a particularly festive snapshot of a toddler me dwarfed by a giant pumpkin on Winslow Way.

Although my family ended up leaving, it seems Bainbridge wasn’t done with us yet. After growing up in Portland, attending the University of Oregon and working for publications covering social and rural issues, an adult me returns as the new managing editor of the Bainbridge Islander.

David Nelson, editor of the Kitsap Sun and editorial director for the Islander, is still here to answer any concerns you have about the publication ( And Tad Sooter, our reporter, will keep on writing, tweeting (@BIConversation) and Facebooking (friend Bainbridge Islander).

You’ll want to turn to me if you have any suggestions or questions about the Islander. Just shoot me an email at Enjoy this week’s Islander and look forward to more stories ahead.