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Former Bainbridge police chief was job hunting before resignation

Former Bainbridge Island Police Chief Jon Fehlman applied for at least one police chief position this year before resigning his post Sept. 15.

Fehlman applied for a position as chief of police in Port St. Lucie, Fla., in February. Fehlman was one of 46 applicants for the south Florida job, according to the TC Palm newspaper. Florida state law requires applicants for public office to be made public.

Fehlman’s application, provided to the Sun by the TC Palm (and posted here), lists former Bainbridge City Manager Brenda Bauer as a reference. In his resume, Fehlman highlighted close relationships he said he built on the island and with outside agencies.

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Police Blotter: Glass door shattered by golf ball; owners hope culprit reads blotter


Maiden Lane homeowners returned from a vacation Sept. 18 to find a sliding glass door shattered and a golf ball on their porch. They told police they were reporting the damage in the hopes an entry in a newspaper police blotter would guilt the golfer into confessing.

Also this week, a fountain fermented unrest between neighbors and a shouting match between a woman and a telephone scammer resulted in bomb threats.

The blotter is below:

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