City seeks designs for ‘Bainbridge Bag’ as bag ban nears

Two months from now, plastic shopping bags will disappear from island checkout stands. In the hopes of not catching shoppers by surprise with the Nov. 1 bag ban, the city has launched an awareness campaign.

The campaign began this week with the announcement of a bag design contest. The city is inviting creatively-inclined islanders to submit logo ideas for a cloth bag, which will become the official “Bainbridge Bag.” About 500 of the bags will be printed up and given away to encourage reusable bag use before the ban begins.

Designs must be no larger than 5 inches wide and 8 inches tall. The city is accepting submissions through Sept. 28 and the public can vote for their favorite logos Oct. 1-12 at City Hall.

The City Council unanimously approved the bag ban back in April. For more information, go to the city’s website or call code enforcement at (206) 780-3769.


2 thoughts on “City seeks designs for ‘Bainbridge Bag’ as bag ban nears

  1. I’m waiting for the first significant illness, or death, caused by contamination of the cloth bags. I’m not “looking forward to it,” but I am certain it will happen.

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