Bainbridge getting its own glossy magazine

A local start-up magazine aims to celebrate all the good things about island living.

This summer, Bainbridge entrepreneur Michael Cyger is planning to unveil Bainbridge Island Magazine, a glossy lifestyle quarterly that was inspired, in part, by all the “bad news” the island generates.

Here’s what Cyger has to say about the mag at another of his properties,

“We all moved to Bainbridge Island for one or more reasons: the top-rated schools, the quaint downtown, the educated community, the welcoming people, the arts, the rural appeal, the list goes on and on…it’s a great place to getaway from the hectic city or raise a family. Whatever your reason, it is tarnished by bad news that has been rampant in our community. What we need is a way to celebrate what we have.”

Bainbridge magazine, he adds, will “focus on the positive. Only good news.”

It’ll have stories about island homes, gardens, arts, restaurants, organically grown food and “of course – a focus on sustainability.”

“All of the reasons we moved here,” Cyger says.

“This will be the magazine you are proud to show your family that live in a different state, your friends that come to visit in the summer, and that you will be proud to leave out on your coffee table or in your business waiting room….”

The magazine will be mailed to every household and business on the island. On newsstands, it’ll cost about $5.

Head over here for a video statement from Cyger and a “walk through” of the upcoming issue.

10 thoughts on “Bainbridge getting its own glossy magazine

  1. Good to see someone local tossing a bouquet instead of bricks. I am sooo tired of those who’s only mode is negative.

  2. That’s going to be one thin magazine. How about calling it “Braindead Island” and celebrating the fact that the city council is now a nanny government who knows more than its residents about the “evils” of plastic bag usage? Or the fact that there’s hardly any decent cell phone reception on the island, or the fact that the island has totally been overrun by self-righteous, do-gooder, hippie bicyclists who whip through stop signs and stop lights and think they own the damn roads?

  3. If BI can have a rag of their own – Bremerton should be able to get one, also! We could call ours the “Code 911” (Port Orchard and Belfair could be included, for an extra 2 cents).

  4. Really Manzanita? I rarely have a problem with cell phone reception anywhere on the Island. Maybe I’m just lucky but ATT been berry berry good to me.

    I do have to agree with you on the bikers. Apparently their parents didn’t teach them the ‘rules of the road’ when they were kids. When did riding on the left shoulder or sidewalk become OK? Oh well, I guess when they collide with my 6000 lb. truck, they’ll learn their lesson.

    And finally, what makes you think that the city council is wrong about the bags? Don’t forget that we’re only talking about the thin plastic grocery bags, not garbage bags or plastic wrap that food is packaged in or even the clear plastic bags that newspapers are delivered in (as one errant Bremerton Sun reader mentioned). The discarded, thin plastic bags break down quickly into tiny pieces and get into the water table and ultimately the beach and Puget Sound. The pieces are then consumed by EVERY aquatic creature that breaths and eats in the Sound. Sounds to me like the city council (and the rest of the state eventually) is doing the right thing. But I guess you’re a scientist who knows more than the thousands of studies that show the bags are an environmental hazard. Get real buddy.


  5. Too many lawyers in a fixed geological area are simply a prescription for righteousness and judgement getting the best of this once quaint, rural, farming community. I love all of the old timers I have met here, but the 55 and younger set, as a general rule, don’t embody the charm that this place had once upon a time…. As a die hard optomist, I can only hope that a the little magazine that could might spark a change and turn this place with so much potential around. Anyway, it can’t hurt! Nothing ever got better with the help of a bunch of naysaying ne’r-do-wells!

  6. @Liz, Please send story ideas to michael at If you live on the island, you’re already getting a subscription…no action needed. Off-island, we’ll have an option next month at

    @Timber, there’s more good news than you can imagine. Stay tuned.

    @BakerHillGuy, we agree!

    @BInewbie, we’ll keep that in mind. 🙂

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