Police Blotter: Puppy suspected of wallet theft


In this week’s blotter, a poky little puppy steals a wallet, a thief escapes police by slipping out of his coat and a man who was fighting with his girlfriend managed to then fight his way free from a state trooper. He did, however, leave his backpack, which was found to have trove of drugs and stolen electronic items.

Blotter’s below….

Mar. 10
Slashed: A Bainbridge man reported that his convertible car’s roof had been slashed open while it was parked outside the Treehouse restaurant on Lynwood Center Road sometime during the evening before 11 p.m. Damage was estimated at $400.

Mar. 9
Drunken driving: A 26-year-old Bainbridge man was arrested for drunken driving and driving with a suspended license on Toe Jam Hill Road just after 9:30 p.m. An officer initially noticed the suspect driving in an erratic manner on Blakely Avenue. The officer followed, noting that the suspect veered into the oncoming lane at least twice, failed to signal during a turn and nearly struck a row of mailboxes. When the officer activated his patrol car’s lights, the suspect continued to drive, eventually turning down a Toe Jam Hill driveway. The officer exited his vehicle at the same time as the occupant. Orders to halt were ignored by the suspect, who walked rapidly into a garage. The house’s occupants told police that the suspect should not have been driving due to a previous drunken driving conviction. They assisted police with finding the man, who was sleeping in a back room. The suspect “reeked of intoxicants” and had trouble speaking, an officer noted. He was taken to the county jail in Port Orchard.

Injured: A 62-year-old Seabeck man was hospitalized after he fell about 18 feet while doing construction work at a Bluff Street home just after 10:30 a.m. The man reportedly fell on his side and face, causing him to lose consciousness for a few minutes. He was flown to Harborview Hospital in Seattle.

Mar. 8
Theft: A Meadowmeer Circle resident reported that two wallets and a pocket knife were stolen from his unlocked home sometime during the evening. The wallets and knife had been left near the home’s entrance. Several other valuable items were undisturbed. The resident said an old dog was sleeping in the house and would have “barked furiously” if anyone had entered. The family puppy doesn’t bark much, he said. Police found no footprints or other evidence. The wallets’ owners canceled their debit and credit cards. A short while later, the resident called to report that he had found the missing items. One of the wallets was found in a purse owned by one of the residents. The other wallet and the knife were found in the puppy’s bed.

Mar. 6
Hit-and-run: A 36-year-old Bainbridge woman was cited for hit-and-run after her van struck an SUV in the Town & Country Market parking lot just before 11:30 a.m. A woman confronted the suspect after witnessing the van cause a large scrape on the other vehicle. The suspect assured her she would contact the owner. The woman watched the suspect approach the market but then turn around and flee in her van. Police contacted the woman, who said she fled because she “didn’t know what to do.”

Mar. 4
Fight: Bainbridge police were unable to locate a Bainbridge man who fought with a Washington State Patrol trooper at the Winslow ferry terminal just after 2:15 p.m. The 38-year-old suspect had “scuffled” with a trooper outside the terminal after the trooper intervened between the suspect and his girlfriend, who appeared to be fighting. The suspect climbed a fence and fled on a beach. A backpack believed to be the suspect’s was found at the scene. It contained a “large amount of marijuana,” a scale, numerous marijuana pipes, a substance thought to be cocaine or methamphetamine in pill bottles, several cell phones, computer chips and an Apple laptop computer. Police believe the suspect was dealing drugs and stealing items from vehicles.

Mar. 2
Theft: A Bainbridge man reported that a three-month supply of anti-depressants and other medications were taken from his unlocked vehicle while it was parked overnight on Sunset Loop. More than 220 pills were taken.

Theft: A three-month supply of blood pressure medication was stolen from a mail box on Sunrise Drive sometime during the day.

Fight: Four males were involved in a fight outside the Isla Bonita bar on Winslow Way just before 9:30 p.m. One man suffered a scraped knee. Another man had a red mark on a cheek where he had been hit by another man. The fight appeared to have started when one man insulted another. All four men appeared intoxicated. No one wished to press charges. “Since there appeared to be mutual combat” a report was taken for information only, an officer said.

Overdose: A 21-year-old Bainbridge woman overdosed on heroin at a Cherry Lane home just before 3 p.m. Her brother used a pry bar to open a locked bedroom door where he found her unconscious. He performed CPR until medical aid units arrived. She was taken to a nearby hospital. Police found various tools for ingesting heroin in the room, some of which had heroin residue. A report was forwarded to the prosecutor for possible drug possession charges.

Mar. 1
Theft: A Bainbridge man’s wallet was stolen from an unlocked locker at the Bainbridge Aquatic Center between 3:30 and 5 p.m. One of his credit cards was used to buy three unauthorized soft drinks before he cancelled it.

Feb. 27
Theft: A teenager suspected of stealing items from vehicles escaped police and then managed to elude a law enforcement search effort. At around 11 p.m., a Bainbridge man reported that a male was stealing items from a truck parked on the 800 block of Cherry Avenue. The suspect had been unloading the truck, which had been packed for moving a household. An officer spotted a male matching the suspect’s description running on Dingley Lane. The officer grabbed the suspect’s arm but he twisted out of his jacket and continued to run. The officer had trouble seeing the suspect because he was wearing dark clothes. After losing sight of him, she asked people in the neighborhood whether they had seen the suspect, but none had. During the scuffle, two of the officer’s fingernails ripped, causing her fingers to bleed. The suspect’s coat appeared to be too big for the suspect’s small frame. It contained three pairs of sunglasses, including a pair styled for women. The items the suspect had removed from the truck included a maritime global positioning unit and antenna, fishing supplies, snow boots, an emergency car kit, jacket and blanket. The items were valued at just under $3,000. The owner said he forgot to lock his truck. Officers from the Suquamish police department and Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office assisted with the search. A K-9 unit was unavailable to assist. The suspect was described as white, between the ages of 15 and 18 and about 130 lbs. He had blond hair and was wearing dark sweatpants and a red, black and white baseball cap.

Theft: Headphones and $22 cash was stolen from a Bainbridge man’s vehicle parked at Dingley Road at around 11 p.m. An officer had pursued a car prowl suspect in the area but did not apprehend him.

Tipped: A police officer found a $1 bill tucked under her patrol car’s windshield wiper just before 2 a.m. in the Safeway parking lot. She asked people near her car about the dollar but they they had no information. She put the dollar in evidence.

Feb. 24
Drunken driving: A 63-year-old Bremerton man was arrested for drunken driving on Day Road near Highway 305 just before 11 p.m. Police had noticed the suspect’s vehicle swerving in its lane. He admitted he had been drinking. A breath sample indicated the suspect’s blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit. He was taken to the county jail in Port Orchard.

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  1. The $1 tip story is so funny! How many hours did the cop spend filling out the report? What was the dollar evidence of? Perhaps impersonation, since it is now only worth 3 cents because of inflation and Fed printing of so much money. Now, that’s the true crime!

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