Police Blotter: Woman injures arm while dancing with former tormenter


This week, a woman suffered a serious arm injury while dancing with a man she had a protection order against.

The blotter’s below.

Jan. 31: A Bainbridge woman broke or sprained her arm while dancing with a man she had a protection order against. The suspect, a Bainbridge resident, had called 911 after the woman suffered her injury. She and the suspect had been dancing in her Wallace Way home to a Rod Stewart CD. The woman said she fell because the kitchen floor on which they had been dancing was freshly cleaned and she was not wearing shoes over her socks. Police recognized the suspect and knew the woman had a protection order against him. The woman explained that the she had invited the suspect over to eat. Medics placed a cast over the woman’s arm. She also had a bloody scratch on her hand and a bruised and swollen foot that she thought may be broken. She told police the foot injury was due to a fall down some stairs during the previous day. The man was arrested for violating a protection order and taken to the county jail in Port Orchard. The woman was taken to a hospital.

Jan. 27
Theft: A blue Kona bicycle was stolen from a carport on the 400 block of Winslow Way. The bike, valued at $800, was not locked.

Theft: A Toshiba boat motor was stolen from a boat parked in a Sportsman Club Road driveway. The motor was valued at $750.

Crash: A 63-year-old Bainbridge woman suffered undisclosed injuries after her car rear-ended another car on Highway 305 just after 1:30 p.m. The other car had stopped for a red light at the Sportsman Club Road intersection. The woman was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Jan. 21
Theft: A Kingston woman’s purse was taken from her shopping cart in the Safeway parking lot on High School Road just before 11 p.m. The victim said a group of teenagers stood near her cart while she loaded groceries into her vehicle. She noticed her purse was missing when she stopped for gas a few minutes later. Safeway staff searched the area for the purse. The area where she was loading groceries is not covered by security cameras. The purse contained bank cards but no cash.

Vandalized: Three South Bainbridge Water System buildings on a property near Lynwood Center Road were spraypainted and damaged. The buildings were painted with pro-drug and anti-government images and slogans. A locked door on one of the buildings was broken off but no items were reported missing. Damages were estimated at $1,500.

Jan. 20
Threats: An Island Health and Rehabilitation Center manager reported that an employee threatened her at the center’s Madison Avenue office after he failed to receive a paycheck. The manager told police that the employee threatened to kick her buttocks and damage her vehicle. She also alleged the employee cut one of her cardboard boxes. The employee denied making threats, cutting the box but admitted he did “lose his cool.” Police relayed to the employee that we was not allowed to return to the center and that the manager promised his paycheck would come in the mail. No charges.

Jan. 18
Hit: A truck reportedly damaged a telephone junction box at the intersection of Eagle Harbor Drive and Taylor Avenue just before 3 p.m. but left the scene before police arrived. Witnesses said the truck appeared to have slipped on ice and became stuck after striking the box. The box was knocked at a 45-degree angle and had exposed wiring. Some witnesses described the truck as “white” while others said it was “dark” in color or maybe black. No witnesses knew the make of the truck but mentioned it was large and “jacked up.” A witness said the truck had four dark-haired juvenile males in it. A passing SUV driver stopped and helped free the truck just before police arrived. Police reported that the varying accounts from witnesses made it impossible to track the truck down.