Police Blotter: Drunken driver too drunk for jail


A drunken driver who hit a van and two sidewalks (and who appeared to be hallucinating) was so drunk even the county jail wouldn’t take him.

Also this week, a driver was so shaken by the news of a friend’s car crash that she had a car crash of her own.

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Dec. 4
Fight: A 20-year-old Bainbridge man punched a 54-year-old Bainbridge man in the face during an argument at their Shannon Drive apartment complex just before 8:45 p.m. The two men had a longstanding dispute over noise complaints that came to a head when the younger man saw the older man peering from behind a door. The younger man challenged the older man to come out and talk. The older man raised his fists “in a boxing stance” and came at the younger man, who did not hesitate strike in what he called self defense. The older man retreated to his apartment and called 911. He did not wish to press charges. Police sent a report to the prosecutor’s office for review.

Dec. 3
Burglary: Two watches were taken from a Justin Court home sometime during the previous day. Entry was gained though a locked window.

Dec. 1
Theft: The gas tank on a Bainbridge Island Rowing Club coaching launch was reported stolen. The launch was moored at the rental barge alongside the Waterfront Park dock. The launch’s fuel line was cut to remove the tank.

Nov. 30
Broken: A gas pump was damaged at a Miller Road gas station when a woman drove away with the pump’s nozzle still lodged in her Audi’s gas tank. When contacted, the woman said she learned about the nozzle from another motorist but did not think to call the gas station because she believed it “happened all the time.” She agreed to contact the station’s owner and pay for damages.

Nov. 29
Drunken driving: A 43-year-old Bainbridge man was arrested for drunken driving after his Dodge pickup struck a minivan at the entrance to the Ace Hardware store’s parking lot just before 4 p.m. The minivan driver said she was stopped and waiting to make a left turn on to High School Road when she saw the truck speeding and swerving in its lane. Afraid the truck would hit her, she began moving out the way. The truck struck the van’s driver’s side, causing it to spin about 90 degrees. The truck then struck a sidewalk and backed into a traffic lane before stopping. A witness said he saw the truck also strike a sidewalk on Winslow Way a few minutes before it struck the van. The suspect appeared highly intoxicated but admitted only that he takes anti-depressant medications. He and his truck had the strong odor of alcohol, an officer noted. A breath test indicated the suspect had a .291 blood-alcohol level. The legal limit is .08. The suspect appeared to be hallucinating. He interacted with people who were not there and described situations that were not happening. An officer drove the suspect to the county jail in Port Orchard but the jail staff declined to admit him because of his high level of intoxication. He was cited, driven home and released to his wife.

Damaged: Four advertising banners owned by Bainbridge Island Youth Soccer were damaged at the Battle Point Park soccer fields. Damage was estimated at $450.

Nov. 27
Crash: A Bainbridge woman crashed her car into a mailbox and rock wall off Emerald Way just after 4:15 p.m. The woman said she had been emotionally shaken because she had just learned a friend was injured in a vehicle collision. She lost concentration and veered off the roadway. No injuries were reported.

Nov. 26
Damaged: A 7-foot-tall alligator statue’s head was severed and its plaster-like body scraped and chipped sometime during the night on Madrone Lane. The statue was standing outside a toy store.

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  1. so if you get too drunk just act stupid and the county cops will take you home . i blew a .009 and they took me too jail because i was not too drunk and could talk strait guess i should talk to an attorney i didnt good treatment

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