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Bainbridge chicken tales

By popular demand, I’ll be posting freelance reporter Tad Sooter’s stories from the Bainbridge Islander on this blog. His Islander stuff is currently found nowhere else but on the printed page.

This week, Tad explores a new book about Bainbridge’s chicken enthusiasts.

What Came First – Chickens or Their Stories?
By Tad Sooter
BAINBRIDGE ISLAND – Two friends met by chance downtown this summer and ― as often happens when imaginative minds come together ― a plan was hatched.

“Many of the creative things I’ve done in my life have originated from things I’ve talked about on Winslow Way,” said Nancy Rekow.
Rekow is an island publisher, poet and writing consultant. The friend she bumped into that day was Jo Ann Trick, organizer of the yearly Tour de Coup, who floated the idea for an anthology of stories by chicken owners.

Their collaboration became “Chicken Raising Tales,” a collection of 23 stories by chicken enthusiasts featured in the first three years of the Bainbridge Tour de Coop. The stories were compiled by Trick and Rekow and published by NW Trillium Press, which Rekow owns with her partner Everett Thompson. The book will debut with a reading and signing event on Nov. 27.

In “Chicken Raising Tales” contributors tell of the joys and trials of backyard farming, of eccentric chicken abodes built and lessons learned from chicken husbandry. In 56 pages there are enough heartfelt stories to satisfy peckish readers.

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Police Blotter: Theft by tweezers


A Bainbridge man used tweezers to steal cash from a parking lot pay box this week. It didn’t work that well. The few bills he managed to extract suffered rips and end-to-end tears. Plus, the whole tedious process was a little too obvious for passersby. And then there’s the fact that the police station is a block away, which greatly diminished the thief’s chances of a clean getaway.

Also this week was a rash of thefts from unlocked vehicles in a Winslow neighborhood.

The blotter is below.
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