Poll: How would you spend the $2 million?

After sitting on the $2 million Washington State Ferries settlement for the better part of a year, the City Council recently announced it was time to spend the money (or at least begin to talk about spending the money).

The council consensus was that the money would be spent on one or more construction projects that didn’t necessarily have to be on the waterfront (as WSF had initially required). Other than that, the sky’s the limit.

Two public meetings were held this month to gather ideas, and the council got ideas aplenty. Boaters, bikers, woodworkers, road-enders, little leaguers and others came forward with spending plans. You can read more about the range of ideas here.

The Kitsap Sun weighed in with its spending ideas here.

The council will take up the issue at a not-yet-determined date in December.

So, what do you think? Over in the poll to the right are ideas reflecting the proposals presented to the council during the two meetings. Pick one that reflects your top choice and then cross your fingers.

As for the Bainbridge Conversation’s last poll, the vast majority of votes were cast against a road-improvement bond the council is considering for next November’s ballot. Seventy-four percent said ‘no’; 26 percent said ‘yes.’

11 thoughts on “Poll: How would you spend the $2 million?

  1. I would really like to see the corner of Winslow Way & 305 at the intersection improved … the chain link fenced corner is not attractive nor is it a good use of the land. So much could be done so that visitors would feel welcomed by a more beautiful reflection of our community pride.

  2. How about we take out the huge planters on Winslow Way, replace them with more parking for merchants and create a loading zone for trucks so merchants aren’t forced to pay more for deliveries or have to go fetch it themselves. In the interest of full disclosure, I am not a local merchant. I just feel they got shafted here. Thanks!

  3. Use the funds to invest in Bainbridge Island’s future. A many generations-long legacy would be secured for the Island by contributing funds to the acquisitions proposed for expanding the Gazzam Lake Natural Area. Less than 10 percent of the funds would make it possible to complete the fund-raising effort underway to purchase properties on the western edge of Gazzam and prevent future road building into a sensitive wildlife preserve.

  4. The most glaring problem on the island in terms of safety and quality of life is the lack of facilities for people who choose to, or need to walk or cycle places.
    Bike lanes! (aka shoulders or breakdown lanes to the car-bound).
    Walking paths! that actually provide connectivity (try to walk to downtown using the stretch of road by Ray’s Garage, and you’ll agree with me).

  5. I write in my capacity as president of B. I. Little League and a member of a collaborative committee with B. I. Rotary Club and B. I. Parks District. I attended CoBI’s Council meetings where a range of worthy projects were briefly described for the purposes of securing city financing for them. We recognize that the WSF Settlement fund was originally targeted for water-related projects. We ask for consideration of the Rotary Park Redevelopment Project only if City Council opts to distribute those dollars more broadly. If you wish to read about the breadth and scope of our project, please visit B. I. Little League’s website:


    Good luck to all the projects in the poll.

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