Police blotter: Woman harassed over dog’s leaky behavior


A woman was yelled at and photographed by a man who accused her dog of putting a “wet spot” on one of his dogs.

Blotter’s below…

Nov. 9
Broken: The rear window of a car parked on Taylor Avenue was shattered by a rock sometime during the night.

Harassed: A Bainbridge woman was harassed outside her Foster Road home by an unknown man. The woman said her dog had run out of her truck, down a driveway and began bounding around a man who was walking three leashed dogs on the road. The man became enraged and demanded that the woman control her dog. The dog retreated but the man went up the woman’s driveway and continued to berate her, yelling that her dog left a “wet spot” on one of his dogs. He demanded to see her dog’s license number, questioned the legality of her truck’s license plates and took photos of her face, her dog and her home with a cell phone camera. The woman felt intimidated and began to cry. Police notified the Kitsap Humane Society about the incident.

Nov. 6
Broken: The rear window of a pickup truck parked on Rockaway Beach Drive was shattered by a rock sometime during the night.

Nov. 5
Burglary: All of the liquor was taken from a Euclid Avenue home sometime during the weekend. No other valuables were taken.

Nov. 4
Gun: A gun was found in a pond near Arrow Point Drive. The gun was traced to a man who died several years ago. Police do not believe it was stolen.

Speeding: A Bainbridge motorcyclist reported he was run off the road by a speeding dump truck on Miller Road just before 4 p.m. No injuries were reported.

Burglary: A Manitou Place resident reported that an unknown person entered her home. Items were moved but nothing was taken.

Nov. 3
Theft: A purse was taken from a Bainbridge woman’s car while it was parked on Blue Heron Avenue. The purse contained cash, ID, credit cards and transportation passes.