Safe roads meeting on Monday

Photo: Brad Camp

Non-motorized transportation supporters are hosting a meeting on Monday night to discuss speed limits, education, traffic enforcement and possible construction projects aimed at improving bike and pedestrian safety on Bainbridge.

“Everyone should have the right to travel safely on our roadways,” said Dana Berg, president of Bainbridge bicycle advocacy group Squeaky Wheels. “All community values surveys on the island during the last decade have shown that increasing safe biking and walking spaces is a number one priority.”

Bike paths have been installed on two sections of island roads over the last three years. That’s not enough, considering the backlog of projects in the city’s 2003 Non-Motorized Transportation Plan, Berg wrote.

A key challenge for bicycling and pedestrian advocates is finding money to fund improvement projects. The city has had to reduce its planned improvements in recent years, and little money is expected on the horizon.

The meeting is from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Winslow Commons, 402 Bjune Drive.

One thought on “Safe roads meeting on Monday

  1. I was a bike commuter. I still ride my bike. I wish these squeaky wheelers would get over it. Cities don’t have any extra money to spend on bike lanes — they can’t even afford to maintain the streets. Yes, Bainbridge has $2 million from WSF, but that should go to fix the City’s dock so kids and others can have safe access to the water that surrounds us. And stop wearing spandex for goodness sakes! 😉

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