Winslow, the “little Beirut?”

King 5 News had a piece late last week about the Winslow Way reconstruction project.

Reporter Eric Wilkinson found only discontent among the shoppers, tourists and business owners he spoke with.

One woman went so far as to call Winslow our “little Beirut.”

Another voice noted that shoppers would need the help of Sacajawea to navigate the maze of construction work.

The video is below.

3 thoughts on “Winslow, the “little Beirut?”

  1. “Bainbridge Island City officals did not return repeated calls for comment today.” Way to blow a good chance at some positive PR.

  2. Little Beirut?

    Do you mean that residents of the area are firing rockets, throwing grenades, and placing land mines?

    What the (L)

  3. Little Beirut was a bad choice of nicknames, but the City’s refusal to return repeated calls from King 5 for comment on this story is much worse.

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