Police blotter: Racing for the ferry while drunk


Speeding for a ferry is bad enough. Adding vodka to the mix only makes it worse.

Blotter’s below.

May 19
Drunken driving: A 36-year-old Seattle man was arrested for drunken driving near the Highway 305-Winslow Way intersection just before 1 a.m. He was initially pulled over for driving about 70 miles per hour in the highway’s 40 mph zone. Police said the suspect had the strong odor of alcohol and and slurred speech. Asked for a license and registration, the suspect repeatedly handed an officer items from inside the vehicle that were not a license or registration. The suspect said he was speeding to catch a ferry. He admitted he had a couple drinks that contained vodka prior to driving. He was transported to the county jail in Port Orchard.

May 16
Bitten: A Wing Point Way resident was bitten on a knee by a dog near her home. The dog, an Australian shepherd, was on a leash and was with its owner, one of the victim’s neighbors. The victim said she did not provoke the dog. She asked that police take the incident as a report only, and did not seek charges.

May 15
Theft: A Bainbridge woman’s car was broken into at Battle Point Park just before 5:30 p.m. Bank cards were taken from a purse and wallet. Entry was gained by smashing in a driver’s side door, causing about $250 in damage. The purse, wallet and some of their contents were scattered in another part of the park. An investigation indicated that one of the bank cards were later used at a Suquamish gas station.

May 14
Egged: A Wacky Nut Lane home and driveway was hit by about a dozen eggs during the night.

May 12
Theft: An unknown quantity of copper piping was stolen from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Wyckoff Superfund Site on Creosote Place. Entry was gained by cutting open a chain-link fence.