Giving up on Gertie makes the TV news

Komo News followed up on our story about the strong possibility the city may abandon landslide-prone Gertie Johnson Road.

Interim City Manager Brenda Bauer said in yesterday’s Komo report that the city has no plans to abandon Gertie but that it also has no money to fix it. She added that the city could apply for grants or create a new tax to pay for road fixes.

The new roads tax idea got no takers when City Councilman Bob Scales floated the idea the idea last week. Most council members said they want to take a slower, more cautious approach toward new taxes.

2 thoughts on “Giving up on Gertie makes the TV news

  1. It is interesting that in an area that presumably has homeowners who already pay city taxes for their homes that the city would then nix their road from their plan just based on cost? Seriously??? If anyone had a reason to rise up and dump tea on elected officials the folks in this neighborhood do! Fix the road. Propose a viable alternative to existing road plans. Or perhaps the city could buy their property from them? To just abandon these tax paying residents because it is costly is ridiculous! What road is next? Whose access will be ‘unfunded’ next?

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