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2 thoughts on “Barry Peters announces City Council re-election bid

  1. I don’t think Barry goes far enough with his comments about the abundance of roadside signage that litters the Island during election times. Some communities have restricted the use of non-community oriented signage (political and opinion signs) to just a few very specific places beyond privately owned and occupied properties and our community would do well to enact something similar. Not only are the signs “eyesores”, but it is well documented (through hundreds of police reports) that they cause some number of otherwise law-abiding citizens into lives of uncontrollable (and apparantly unstoppable) seasonal bouts of criminal activity which in turn raises crime statistics which, while amusing to some, actually harms us all.

  2. Our worst nightmare! This is one of the four horseman who came close to bankrupting the City thru expenditures of monies they were told would not come into the City coffers due to the oncoming recession. Not only did he spend these non-existent funds but they were spent on low priorities as defined by the taxpayers while the high priority items were overlooked. Then to make matters worse, this horseman tried to make up the funds he mis-spent by suggesting a car excise tax for automobile owners on the Island with zero regards for the many out of work, the underemployed, and those suffering from the recession who could not even afford medical care. The best place for this soon to be ex-councilman is out to pasture with the ex-mayor!

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