Closures set for Winslow Way this week

Both Winslow Way lanes will be closed from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. on Monday due to construction. Next week will also see some intermittent closures.

More info from the city is below.

Effective next Monday, April 25, portions of the Winslow Way and Madison Avenue intersection will be closed periodically in relation to the ongoing Winslow Way Reconstruction project.

The daytime disruption will close the south leg of the intersection, eliminating through traffic in a north/south direction, as well as the ability to travel eastbound from any approach. The nighttime disruption will close the entire intersection between 9 pm and 5 am, and will require traffic to be re-routed around Winslow Way in the area between Madison and Ericksen Avenues.

These closures are in addition to the current westbound-only detour on Winslow Way between Madison and Ericksen.

The daytime and nighttime intersection disruptions are scheduled to occur intermittently beginning next week, and are anticipated to be required for approximately one week. However, at this time the contractor is unable to determine exactly when and how long each of the closures will last. Therefore, next week, commuters are encouraged to take alternate routes to the ferry terminal in order to avoid the Winslow and Madison intersection.

Residents in the vicinity of the Winslow and Madison intersection may be impacted by construction noise for at least three nights next week. The contractor is required to adhere to the conditions of the City’s noise variance; however; it is likely that some noise will be audible. Concerned residents may contact the City during evening hours at (206) 730-5173, and may come to City Hall to request earplugs.

For more information on the proposed traffic detour routes and other project information, please visit the City’s website or Winslow StreetSmarts