Daily Archives: March 21, 2011

Lawsuits, landslides and energy bills

Power down
Bainbridge Positive Energy group officially launched a grant-funded initiative to curb residential power use.

The group is scheduling free home energy assessments for up to 4,000 Bainbridge households.

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Ratepayer rebound
Also this week, the Bainbridge Ratepayers Alliance expanded its lawsuit against the city, giving a bit more life to a legal challenge that has already suffered three setbacks in court.

The lawsuit now includes an allegation that the city failed to properly charge itself stormwater fees for island roads.

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Soggy hillside
Gertie Johnson Road remains closed and most of its homes remain empty after an emergency evacuation last week.

Rain continues to plague the landslide-prone hillside on which Gertie sits, making road-clearing risky.

Read my update on the closure here, and head below to read the city manager’s Mar. 18 letter to the road’s residents.

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