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New Poll: Which Ferncliff design is best?

The Housing Resources Board unveiled a dramatic redesign of the Ferncliff affordable housing project late last month.

The 48-unit community land trust project’s cutting-edge look has given way to something that HRB admits is cheaper, smaller and more traditional.

“This won’t look any different from any other residential development on the island,” said Charlie Wenzlau, an architect and chairman of HRB.

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Above, you can see a before (left) and after (right) of the project’s proposed design. The earlier design was crafted by Bainbridge architect Julie Kriegh. The new design is by Central Highland Builders, a Poulsbo company that will also build the units.

Part of the reason for the change is to get costs lower as the Great Recession slims down the available grants for housing projects.

HRB also want to make the homes more likely to sell so the nonprofit group isn’t saddled with empty houses.

Changes were also made to appease neighbors, who prefer a more traditional look and more parking for the project’s residents.

More of the newer designs can be seen below, as well as the project’s new site plan.

Weigh in on which design set you like best in the poll to the right. For a more detailed critique, head down to the comments below.

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Results are in: Your off-leash dog should earn you a citation

The Bainbridge Conversation’s last poll asked readers to weigh in on how the park district should handle the growing number of dogs at island parks. See related story here.

With a sturdy 53 percent of the vote, the top answer was for the park district to hand out citations to violators of off-leash and poop clean-up rules.

Coming in at Number Two with a distant 24 percent was a desire for the district to build more off-leash areas.

Seventeen percent said off-leash hours should be allowed at certain parks that get little use.

Five percent suggested that specially-trained dogs be allowed to go off-leash at parks.

And coming in last with one vote was the idea for an expanded off-leash area at Eagledale Park.

Bainbridge pudding theft gets laughs on Letterman

The great Bainbridge pudding heist was featured on a recent airing of the Late Show with David Letterman.

The Bainbridge Islander blotter item was included in a funny news stories segment, along with mentions of a New Mexico woman who used a horn to rid her stove of an evil spirit and a car that was reported stolen in Minnesota but was later found buried under snow – right where the owner left it.

The fact that the stolen Bainbridge pudding was sugar-free drew Letterman’s attention.

“The CSI people would take that tidbit and solve the whole thing,” he said.

You can see the entire show here. Skip ahead to the 29-minute mark to hear the Bainbridge bit.