Daily Archives: February 28, 2011

Chilling images

Turnout for this year’s Chilly Hilly was lighter than in years past, but who can blame those that decided to sit this one out?

There was freezing wind, plenty of rain and even some snow. And, as always, there were a lot of hills.

You can read Chris Dunagan’s story on the event here (with photos by Jesse Beals).

Also, check out island photographer Jay Trinidad’s blog for a dozens of shots he took while sitting on the back of a motorcycle.

Marshall: When your coiffeuse cuts out

This month, Bainbridge Islander columnist Becky Fox Marshall writes about a painful parting of ways with her longtime hairdresser.

There is a glaring error on the list of things that stress us out – that list so often referenced by the cranky: “Hey, I am off the stress chart so leave me alone.”

I totally get the top stressors – death of a spouse, divorce, job loss and one that would completely stress me out, “imprisonment.”

But the error of which I speak is a major omission – the loss of your hair stylist.

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