Bainbridge court staying put?

It looks like the Bainbridge court is staying put.

Poulsbo appears to be nixing the shared court deal after Bainbridge balked at going above an annual $42,500 lease rate. Click here for more details.

Meanwhile, a group of islanders have come up with a detailed counter proposal aimed fixing up the court’s current Rolling Bay building. Read more about that here.

“The judiciary is an important and necessary part of every government, and I believe it should be in the community it serves,” Jim Kennedy, one of the group’s members, told me yesterday.

An update on negotiations and a proposal by the pro-Bainbridge court group are on the agenda for tonight’s City Council meeting, starting at 7:50 p.m.

We’ll have an update at later tonight.

3 thoughts on “Bainbridge court staying put?

  1. James M. Olsen James M. Olsen states: Da Judge Carruther’s husband is a big developer who has been tight with COBI Mayor. Mayor K appointed Judge C. One of Developer Carruther’s projects is the Gateway Project. $30K thrown to keep the Mrs. happy for some is chump change.

    What will the long-term costs be for staying in the old location? How much will security be particularly in light of the recent attack on AZ Congressman? Who picks up the tab? The taxpayers who have been snookered repeatedly here on BI. As the World turns . . .

    Judge Carruthers is a local insider and she knew she could get her way.

    Hey, all you BI crime-readers— have a crime-free day.

  2. Folks over at the planet were wondering what happened to little Jimmy Olsen, cub reporter…he is now on the crime beat! Wonder if Comrade Haydon is aware of Jimmy’s plot to take over his BI Crime show on YouTube?

  3. I had coffee recently with Daily Planet owner Perry White and he said that he got tired of the cub reporter’s griping and complaining so he made Jimmy Olsen ‘Head of Complaints’ at the Daily Planet, but then little Jimmy complained so much that Perry fired him. Maybe that was when Little Jimmy got the run for office idea? Just sayin’!

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