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2 thoughts on “Marshall: Neighborhoods shouldn’t fear the elderly

  1. Considering that I am an ‘elderly’ let me mention that at one time we had neighbors who, when his wife passed on, had adult folks come in to take care of him. We had never visited their home but often spoke at the shared driveway if I was outside when they went by or they came over to check on things.

    After the gentleman passed on, their home and things were sold at a public ‘garage sale’.

    I walked over late on the last day of the ‘sale’ because we were interested in perhaps buying the house if it was available. It was shocking to see it – filthy, cluttered, dirty and no doubt that was after some cleaning had been done by the out of town relatives.
    Mostly I felt badly that these folks lived right next door and I had no idea their living conditions were so bad. I also wondered what the caregivers had been paid to do?
    Their place could only be seen at a distance through the trees on both properties.

    I doubt that anyone is afraid of seniors living next door but an adult ‘home’ owners should be cause for scrutiny by the folks in the neighborhood…in my opinion. There, but for the Grace of God….

    Do they already have a track record of elder care in an adult home? I hope they do and that the care they give the adults in their care is excellent.
    Sharon O’Hara

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