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8 thoughts on “New poll: Should the city fund BITV?

  1. The question should be, Should the PEG (Public Education Government) fees and the Franchise fees which are collected by Comcast from Comcast subscribers, be used as they have historically been used, to fund Public Access Television?

  2. At the council’s direction, the city administration has spent the last week gathering information about how other jurisdictions broadcast city meetings, and the various costs involved.

    Due diligence should be conducted prior to making a decision regarding whether or not to cut funding.

  3. Why should BITV be first among equals and retain all (or even half, if your poll results support that — I believe it should say “some,” not necessarily halF) funding because they provide a valuable community service when the arts community, whcih makes as compelling an argument, loses 100% of their funding?

    At a wonderful event late last month, BI Arts and Crafts appealed to the community and received strong financial support from donors to enable them to keep their programs alive. With two channels on which to put forth a call for donations, BITV instead appears to be campaigning on an “it’s all or nothing” platform.

    I do look forward to seeing them present a more moderate approach to the council/city admin and to a disclosure of where/what other funds they get, which got derailed in Wednesday’s council meeting. In addition to donations, they currently get all membership funds, all underwriting, and any grants they can capture. We may be seeing only part of the picture and I’d like to see the council see the whole.

  4. at least of the 21 no votes, only Comcast subscriber votes should be counted since only subscribers are paying this ‘tax’

    IOW, Tristan, this ‘poll’ is bogus

  5. Tristan, How about this:

    Should Comcast customers refuse to pay next months Comcast subscriber fees to protest the City’s plan to repurpose these subcriber fees to cover shortfalls in a top heavy administration?

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