City: “The signs must come down”

The city sent out a notice reminding all the island’s politicos that the party is over.

“The ballots are in and the signs must come down,” the city notice said in a rare moment of getting straight to the point.

“With election season at its end, it is time to clean up the roadways. The city’s municipal code (chapter 15.08) regulates the placement of signs to protect public safety and preserve the natural character of the community.”

The signs must be removed within seven days of an election. That means the roadways should be free of political clutter by next Wednesday.

“As a citizen, you may assist in this effort by removing any signs on or around your property by Nov. 10, 2010. Signs that remain in the right-of-way – requiring city removal – will have the expense of removing the signs charged to the political candidates.”

Call the city’s code enforcement office at (206) 780-3769 to report any political signs remaining after Nov. 10.

One thought on “City: “The signs must come down”

  1. what about Vote NO 4 Kidz? that isn’t so much as a sign as it is a way of life for some candidates. A mantra if you will! 😉

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