Daily Archives: October 29, 2010

Old market building makes way for Island Gateway

The old Winslow Way building that once housed a smaller, quainter ancestor of Town & Country Market was torn down this week to make way for the next phase of the Island Gateway development.

The building more recently served stints as a book store, shoe repair shop and a real estate office.

The Nakata family ran a grocery store called Eagle Harbor Market out of the building starting in the late 1930s (see photo). In 1957, the Nakatas moved the business into the larger building we know today as T&C.

There’s a basement in the old Eagle Harbor Market building that, in the early 1900s, was the original ground floor. It was covered up when Winslow Way was raised, giving it the feel of the Seattle underground, previous tenants have told me. Apparently, there were still dusty old curtains on windows overlooking a wall of dirt up until a few years ago.

The Island Gateway folks had been in talks with the Nakatas about picking up and moving the building over to the Nakata farm along Weaver Road. One idea was to use the building as a farm stand or produce market.

One of the demolition workers told me much of the material is being salvaged and given to the Nakatas. The Island Gateway blog mentioned that the materials may be used to build something on the farm.

I’ll post more as I get some calls back.

Head over HERE to see a few photos I snapped of the demolition.