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3 thoughts on “Police blotter: Ride-by punch

  1. “A Bainbridge male was punched on his shoulder by an unknown person riding a bicycle on Manitou Beach Drive…”

    We have a (small?) group of sociopathic cyclists these days who seem to think that they own the road. Apparently, the vehicle code and common decency don’t apply to them. This makes it hard for those of us who do respect the roles. I hope the BIPD catches this thug and wish that all PD’s would start enforcing the vehicle code. If they give me a ticket, I will probably deserve it.

  2. Bicyclists should be required to have a vehicle license to be on the road! I have had many near-misses with cyclists who insist that they don’t have to stop at stop signs because it ruins their momentum. Well, I think the grill of my truck would do that, too, and if I stop and wait for my turn you should, too!

    Licensing bicycles would accomplish two things: they could be held accountable for their actions because we could report their license plates, and the funds from the licensing fees could pay (at least in part) for construction and maintenance of bike lanes.

    Come on, Bainbridge, let’s lead the way… license bicycles!

  3. While we’re doling out licenses, how about an extra fee for trucks, which guzzle more gas and rip-up our roads. Surely we can all agree that monstrous gas-hogging vehicles should pay their fare share for the disproportionate wear and tear they cause on our infrastructure ….

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