NEW POLL: What do you think of the changes at Bloedel Reserve?

In Sunday’s paper, I explored the changing character of Bloedel Reserve, the 150-acre garden and nature preserve on the island’s north end. Read the story HERE.

Recent money troubles have spurred the reserve to loosen some of its policies in the hopes of boosting revenue.

The reserve has done away with its reservation requirement and is offering more community events. Plans are also in the works to open more of the reserve to the public.

Then changes seem to be working. Attendance is up by 9 percent, and membership has taken a nearly 11 percent leap.

What do you think about the changes at Bloedel? Could the changes degrade the “therapeutic landscape” Prentice Bloedel hoped to create with his reserve? Or should the qualities that make the reserve such a beautiful, peaceful place be shared with a greater number of people?

Cast your vote in the poll over in the right column.

As for our last poll (“What should the city do about stalled road ends projects?”), the overwhelming majority want the city to give greater support for (or at least get out of the way of) road end improvement projects.

81 percent said “waive permit fees that are stalling projects.”

17 percent said “it’s not that important. The city has more pressing matters.”

10 percent said “have city staff do the road end work.”

7 percent said “transfer money from the current budget to get road end work moving.”

5 percent said “make sure money is set aside in next year’s budget.”

3 percent said “hire more planners so road end and other projects can move ahead more quickly.”