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City needs volunteers for shoreline advisory groups

The city’s looking for volunteers to serve on advisory groups for the update of the Shoreline Management Plan. Read the city’s press release below.


Ryan Ericson, Shoreline Planner
City of Bainbridge Island
(206) 780-3719

City Seeks Volunteers for Shoreline Advisory Groups

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, July 13, 2010 – The City this week published a call for citizens interested in participating in advisory work groups for the update of the Shoreline Master Program (SMP), currently underway. The SMP guides shoreline development under Washington’s Shoreline Management Act. The process is scheduled to continue over the next 18 months.

“As we update our program to protect critical marine resources while also fostering sustainable uses on our shorelines, we want to make sure that we are hearing the voices of all concerned,” said Ryan Ericson, the City’s Shoreline Planner. “Our goal is to pull citizens together through these advisory work groups to explore critical issues, foster the exchange of concerns and ideas, and, we hope, identify some creative and innovative policy approaches.”

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Police blotter: Wedding anniversary headbutt


It’s silver for the 25th wedding anniversary, pearl for the 30th, ruby for the 40th and gold for the 50th. But on what anniversary do you give a headbutt? Maybe on the last wedding anniversary.

The headbutt incident, along with an attack with silverware, a four-moon salute for a ferry crew, and “a piece of what appeared to be human flesh,” are in this week’s blotter. See below.

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