Daily Archives: July 9, 2010

Surprise donation will jumpstart investigation into B.I.’s ‘vanished village’

Rick Chandler’s dream of exploring the remnants of Yama village is coming true.

Thanks to a surprise gift of $50,000, the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum curator now has the funding to begin an archeological investigation into one of Puget Sound’s earliest Japanese immigrant communities.

The donor, a Bainbridge woman who lives not too far from the Yama site, read about Chandler’s desire to preserve and protect Yama’s many artifacts in THIS Kitsap Sun story.

Her donation will be used to hire archeologists to survey of the 7-acre site and eventually oversee a dig. Chandler wants to involve young people in the process, possibly helping to excavate artifacts that would be displayed or stored at the museum.

Read more about the donation HERE.

The above photo is of a shoe I found partially embedded in the soil at Yama. For more images of Yama artifacts, see THIS photo gallery.

School district ponders nearly $1 million bond surplus

The Bainbridge school district is in the happy position of deciding what to do with $876,000 in surplus money from the 2006 construction bond.

The district could essentially give the money back in the form of slightly lower taxes or it could put it toward last year’s $42 million bond. A third option (which appears to be favored by district staff) would be to put the money toward equipment purchases.

A meeting to gather public input is being planned.

Read more HERE.